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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Where ya from? You sexy thang...
Mood:  silly
I just heard that song on a commercial so I made it my title... I believe in miracles....where ya sexy thang (sexy thang)...dooo dooooodododododdododoodoo. *grin*

Well, it's 10:13, Tuesday, and we've been home since 6 am yesterday. It was a great vacation. Long drive, but good vacation. We decided that someday we'd all like to be wealthy enough to fly on our vacations, lol. I had enough QT with the fam to last me awhile.

The weather tried to cooperate as much as it could. When we got there Paul was absolutely dead on his feet, having worked a 9 hour shift, came home and showered, we left and drove all night. Okay, first let me start with this...we drove into Miami when we left our house. The Stelles hadn't had dinner yet and we needed to feed them. We stopped at the Sonic to grab some food. Abby asked for some fruit loops out of the back. Well, we've been dealing with the stupid door on the back of my van for awhile now. I guess someone tried to break into it when it was locked and broke the door handle. Paul redneck rigged it so we could at least open it. He gave me a lesson on how to hold the handle to get it to pop open. Well, I get into the back of the van, get Ab's dang fruit loops, shut the door, then Sam decides he needs something out of the back. Lo and behold the stupid door won't open again. Paul gets out, madder'n all get out. Agh, it was awful. We had that back loaded down with everything we needed - food, clothes, well, everything! Not to mention the kids and I were in our pj's for the all-night drive. So Mom is trying to keep the steam from rolling out of his ears, smoothing it over, I'm about in tears, apologizing all over the place, standing in the Miami Sonic parking lot with my pj's on at 10pm. I was beginning to think the trip was doomed. But we headed out. The drive was uneventful, except for the torrential rain from Arkansas on. ha! We roll into Biloxi around noon on Friday, the kids and I still in our pj's, mind you. We can't check into the motel till 2, so we drove up and down the beach front for a bit, then decided to grab a bite to eat. I wasn't about to go into the restaraunt in my jammies, so Paul had to crawl over the backseat to drag me out some jean shorts and the kids some clothes. We ate a really good lunch at Ruby Tuesday, stuffing ourselves to the hilt. By the time we got done it was after 2, so we headed to the hotel. Paul was so exhausted, like I said, he just fell onto the bed and immediately went to sleep. I walked next door to the Stelle's and Mom's room and the smell of sunblock smacked me in the face. They were dressing for the beach! Agh. I wasn't about to go without Paul, the whole reason we finagled this extra two days of vacation was so he could see his kids on the beach for the first time. I told them to go without us, we'd all just take a nap. Bless their hearts, they said they'd stay and wait for us. Well, around 5 I hear this banging on the door and open it to find Mom with this worried look on her face, saying a huge storm is moving in and it's supposed to rain for the next 3 days and if we're going to the beach we have to go NOW. So I start waking up kids and husband, throw on suits and water shoes and down we go. Oh it was so cool and nice and the kids were enthralled. We played and took tons of pictures, not knowing if we'd get a chance to go again, until the storm started rolling in. Wow, I've lived in Oklahoma my whole life and I hardly blink at the tornado watches we live under in the spring and summer, but to see a storm roll in off the ocean is something else. Talk about magnificent! We literally watched it move in in a big wall. The sky and the ocean merged, the lightning began and I was just in awe of it all. But ripping me from my meterological reverie, Mom reminded me that lightning and the ocean weren't a good mix. We scooped everyone up, headed back to the room and just made it when the storm hit the land. We just hung out in the room the rest of the evening, grabbing sandwiches when we finally got hungry, watching TV, the usual vacation stuff. The storm didn't last long and by about 11 we were ready to gamble. Yeah, baby! Mom stayed in the room with the kids, who were exhausted anyway, and Sis, Jon, Paul and I walked down to this huge pirate ship to see how much money we could donate to the city of Biloxi. Jon didn't do so well at craps, Paul, Heather and I did fairly well at slots and we'd have stayed longer except my eyes kept crossing staring at the screen. We slept in the next morning, then go around and headed back to the beach. The weather was perfect and we spent the entire morning there. We had lunch on the beach with a herd of hungry seagulls (If you've seen the movie Finding Nemo, the seagull scene with them all going "MINE MINE MINE" is SO true!). The kids got a total kick out of feeding those stupid birds and Paul had them picking stuff out of the air over his head. I don't think any of the kids ate half their sandwiches, feigning sand in the peanut butter or whatever else they could think of to be able to donate to the screeching things. Around this time I could feel my skin starting to sizzle and I knew a sunburn was taking place. We were worried about the kids' skin so we packed it up and went back to the rooms. We took a nap, again. Love vacation naps, lol. That night we ate some really good seafood - and for me to say that is a big thing since I don't like seafood - then went down to find the house where Mom and Dad lived when they were there 34 years ago. Mom knocked on the door but never could get anyone to answer. I'm sure she was disappointed over that. Then we just spent the next couple of hours souvenier shopping and letting the kids buy vast quantities of junk. We ended up leaving with two of those stupid biting shark heads on a stick, a lobster visor, a duck wearing sunglasses visor, a sand dollar, a lighthouse charm (Abby at least got something of some quality), a resin baby aligator, 5 strands of Mardi Gras beads, and two velvet sacks of polished dyed rocks. Oh ya gotta love vacation souveniers. It's about 10pm now and my sunburn is screaming "You idiot! YOu got sunburned in a state where the UV level is 2000+" I swear I heard it mocking me. I volunteered to stay in the room that night so this time Mom could go. We were originally planning on going in shifts, the women first, then the men, but I just didn't have it in me. I crashed with the kids thanks to a hearty dose of Benadryl. They got back to the rooms around 3:40am after having seen a guy face down in the parking lot, who they thought was dead. The police were called. Turns out the guy had run up a huge liquor bill in a casino, skipped out, passed out and got caught anyway. They were questioned by the police. And I snoozed while it happened, darn the luck. The next day was checkout day. We left around 11, drove into Gulfport and spent 3 hours in a hands-on children's museum/discovery center. It was awesome! The kids thoroughly wore themselves out and so did we. We left the great state of Mississippi at 3 in the afternoon with 5 exhausted kids and 5 adults dreading the drive. We no sooner got on the road and the rain began again and it rained HARD on us all the way to Memphis. After that we just drove in and out of showers the rest of the way. We did a lot more stopping on the way home. We wore out quicker and had to switch drivers more often and I think everyone's bladders shrunk along the way, lol. My only complaint really about the trip was my hair!! OH MY GOSH, the humidity was unreal, people! Mom would look at me every 10 minutes ago, shake her head and say, "Kristin I KNOW your hair is curlier than it was the last time I looked at you!" I finally gave up trying to straighten the bangs, pulled it back in a headband and went with it. I do not like one single picture that was taken of me with my 'fro, so don't expect me to post any, lol. I swear I could feel the curls relaxing the further west we drove. I know we have high humidity here, but it must be the combination of salt and humidity there or something. Crazy stuff.

I started doing laundry today and we have yet one more souvenier - a third of the beach is in my utility room. The other two thirds are in Mom and Sis'.

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