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Wednesday, July 7, 2004
Yadda yadda yadda
Mood:  down
I really have nothing to blog about in particular today. Sam has pink-eye and that is the high-light goin' on right now in the Hoover household. Man, do I live the wild life or what? Kady and Chandler are watching Bear in the Big Blue House right now, Abby's fixing her hair for the 30th time (and it's only 8:30 am) and Sam is probably squeezing out an entire tube of toothpaste or hot-wiring the car. Oops, nope, now I hear Chandler whining at Sam so the big bear must've lost it's appeal.

I am so tired of being tired! No matter how much sleep I get I cannot seem to get enough. I could sit down right now and sleep for probably 3 hours no problem. I could probably sit down after that this afternoon and sleep another 3. Then sleep 8 hours tonight and still feel like crap. I still attest that I am in peri-menopause, even though my mother in law says it's just because I'm fat, lol. Everything in the universe that is wrong is because I'm fat, just ask her. Anyway, everything I've researched and studied about peri-menopause describes me to a T and no one is going to convice me otherwise. One of the grand things about peri-menopause is that it's just one step under the hellishness of actual menopause except you can be in it for like 15 years THEN go through the real thing. Ah, ain't it great bein' a woman. My doctor (who I've since concluded is a certifiable quack) says I'm "chronically depressed". Ha! I'm so damn happy I can hardly stand myself, lol.

*sigh* I feel the need to write today, but I can't get motivated to actually start. I hate days like that - I know I have something brewing in my mind, either another story or possibly the first chapter in the next Great American Novel, but I can't get started. Once I get started, though, I can't stop. Maybe that's why I can't get movin' on it - I know I have too many other responsibilites and can't devote what I need to on the book/story/whatever it is.

Well, the silence of my office has now been broken. I have one 2-year-old arguing with me about where he's going to sit and read his book, another 2-year-old asking if she can play with all the toys that are set aside to put in caches, a 7-year-old asking me if her hair looks okay and a 5-year-old who is just tormenting the hell out of the male 2-year-old. Celebrate the moments of your life...

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