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Friday, July 9, 2004
If I don't have a title I guess from now I'll just use bleh. What else ya gonna use? Bleh sounds pretty good to me.

Last night I had a meeting with the other staff/sponsors for church camp and had to take the kids. About halfway through the meeting Kady came over and laid her head on my leg and when I reached down to brush her hair back from her face I realized her head was hot. I asked Sarah, the pastor's wife, to feel her, too. Yep, definitely hot. So we scrapped a trip to the big W to get milk before we all end up with osteoporosis and went directly home. She was burning up by then. I had Paul start stripping her while I grabbed the thermometer. There is nothing worse than watching that thermometer climb higher and higher and feeling utterly helpless the whole while. It finally stopped at 104.4. The only other time any of my kids have ever had a fever that high was last summer when Kady had Roseola - it was 105 then and I had her butt in the ER pronto. But I knew there was a virus going around and with a fever that high it was a virus, so we stuck cool rags on her groin and under her arms, gave her a double dose of Motrin and a sippy cup of Gatorade and rode it out. She's run it consistently all durn day and I hope that now that we've hit the 24 hour mark, it goes away. Fortunately she's been drinking really well and I'm not too worried about dehydration. She even ate some dinner tonight, so I hope we're on the mend.

This next week starts VBS every night from 6-8:30. Heather and I have the 3rd and 4th graders. We have taken over the preschool, early childhood wing, so until we get our kids out of there we're stuck taking the older kids. I love 3rd graders, though. They are so loving and sweet!! When I subbed in the 3rd grade last year I got tons of pictures and declarations of love and hugs and oh talk about a self-esteem booster! So I hope we get a good group of 'em in VBS.

We end VBS on Friday night then the kids and I leave at 6am the following Monday for church camp, which is in Davis, OK. I've only been there once and it was when Heather was a summer missionary and Mom and I went down for her ceremony thingy. It's like a 4 hour drive. Bleh. With my 3 kids. Bleh. I'm the only full-time cook. There is a younger girl that is going to help, but she's also going in sponsor capacity, too. Then Shauna Foust is going to help as we need her. We're feeding 30, so yeah, I think we'll need her. I really think there should be another full-time cook, but I don't know if I'll get anyone to concur. Keep the prayers a rollin' in that week! Last night when we ended the meeting and we all went around the circle and prayed, I prayed for extra blessings in the organization department, lol. If y'all could do that, too, I'd be ever so grateful! Ab and Sam are old enough to go to a day camp thing for sponsor/staff kids, but Kady isn't quite old enough, so she'll have to hang out with me in the cabin. Should be interesting... to say the least.

Well, the kids have managed to spill bubble solution alllllll over their little bodies and probably my entryway, so I'm outta here. Or I'm outtie!

(Just 3 days till I Love the 90's, btw!)

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