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Monday, July 12, 2004
Racing to Jesus
That's the lesson for tonight at VBS, which I only know because my wonderful, man-do-I-have-it-all-together sister told me over the phone this morning. I have yet to lay eyes on a book. Am I awful or what??? Sis worked so hard yesterday making our room look authentically Chinese with lanterns, paper scrolls, fabric draped from the ceiling... man, she rocks! The missions guy came into our room and asked her what room it was. She replied, "Third and fourth grade." He said, "No, what will the room be used for during VBS?" Heather again repeated that is was for 3rd and 4th grade. He said, "No...I'm missions, what is your room?" She said THIRD AND FOURTH GRADE!! She said he was way impressed that a teacher would go that far out for a home-room. Again, I must say she rocks. The pastor said it's the most authentically Chinese-looking room they have. She SO deserves a gold star for her work. Now I just pray that God blesses my lazy soul and gives me the right words to say to those kids tonight and the rest of the week.

I tell you what, I am totally overwhelmed, but in an underwhelmed kind of way. I know that God is giving me peace because I should be way more stressed than I should be. I have VBS every night this week and Falls Creek next week. My original plan was to pre-make a lot of the food for camp and just take it all down frozen, but seeing what the schedule looks like for this week, I'm thinking I'm just going to have to do it all there. But really I think it's going to work out by doing that. When the kids head off to tabernacle in the mornings the sponsors have the entire time before lunch without the kids, which can be used for prayer, showers or sleep, lol. I, of course, will use it for cooking - and prayer that I get it done! Then in the afternoons, while the kids are out doing recreation or chasing members of the opposite sex, I'll have time to prepare dinner. And if it's a pretty light load I can also pre-make stuff for the next day or even further into the week. I honestly believe God is going to bless that kitchen!

Agh, this blog is going to be short today. Looking at this screen is not helping this 2-day old headache I'm nursing. I've been having a lot more headaches lately, which used to be normal for me, but for over a year now I've been virtually headache free. Now all of the sudden again, I'm having them. Might be allergy issues, so I think I'll take a Zyrtec and a hot shower and see what happens... probably a nap will ensue, lol.

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