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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Another bleh kind of morning
Mood:  lazy
Well, I shouldn't have been concerned that I wasn't ready for the VBS lesson. We had no kids in our class!

Yesterday afternoon when Kady woke up from her nap her freaky post-fever rash was worse, so I called the nurse advice hotline. She said she was contagious and to keep her away from people. I called Heather to tell her I wouldn't be there and, bless her heart, she sounded almost mad. Can't say I blame her really. So I jumped on here - ah the power of the 'net. Everything I read about viruses, rashes and even Roseola (which she's had before but no one is sure if you can get it again), said that once the fever is gone and rash appears they aren't contagious anymore. So I threw together 3 pb&j's and out the door we ran. Heather was "cramming", so to speak and I felt so bad having put her through 30 minutes of thinking she was going to have to teach. She's such a saint. I helped her hang up a couple of posters and then it was time for the march in. We hustled our kids up front to the foyer, expecting it to be full to overflowing. It wasn't. We provided 5 kids to the total of 12 kids in the whole VBS. The preschool/Kindergarten class had 7, first/second grade class had 4 and there was one lone 5th grader. Heather and I stayed in the sanctuary to see what we could do to help elsewhere. James, the pastor, asked us to learn the hand motions to all the groovy songs. And thus we became the two dorky grown ups who teach the hand motions. Ahhh, the things we do for Jesus. This year's theme is a Japanese theme, entitled Rickshaw Rally, so the songs are all really fast with an athletic-type hand motion theme. We were down in a runner's stance, doing stretches, running in place - I hit my target heartrate pretty early on, lol. But the kids ate those hand motions up with a spoon, so it turned out to be almost fun.

The evening was almost over and Sam came through complaining he was cold. Well, the back of the church, especially the fellowship hall, is never cold. Heather said "ohhhhh noooo" and about 5 mom's all reached for his head at the same time. Yep, a fever. So we skipped closing and I loaded up my infectious crew and we ran out the door. By the time we pulled in the driveway Sam was out of his seat, knees in the floor, doubled over the seat crying with severe stomach pain. He could hardly walk! His fever was 102, so I got him in his pj's, laid him on the couch and poured the Tylenol in him. He ended up falling asleep on the couch, doubled up in a ball. How can a family of 3 kids end up with 2 completely different viruses??? Ab asked, "Why is everyone else sick and I'm not?" I told her to hush and stay in her room, lol.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - 3:10 PM CDT

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Hello, Diva.
I surf websites and blogs, and that's how I came to yours. I got caught up in reading your profile and about how, Catcher in the Rye, was one of your favorite books. It is one of my favorites, as well. If you have the time, please check out my book: I Didn't Fly Over... I Landed In It! It is displayed on my website. Also, please visit my blog. I enjoyed reading the warmth and concern that you show for your family. I have seven children myself, and eight (with one on the way) grandchildren. Thank you for your time.
Wally Edmond

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