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Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Allergies suck
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Well, this again is going to be quick. That seems to be my theme these days, eh?

This afternoon I got a call from a friend who takes her kids to the same clinic I take mine. She said I needed to call them because they had a whole bunch of immunizations recalled and were having to re-shoot a whole bunch of kids. Agh! So I called...and sure enough...Sam and Kady both have to be stuck again. Ab hasn't had any shots since she was 5, so she was clear. But Sam had some last fall at his checkup and Kady some last winter, plus another HepA just last month. I guess they're going to have to repeat the entire HepA series and possibly another MMR. Maaaaaaaan...I told Sam he was done till he was 8!! He still doesn't know yet, either, which should be fun when I tell him. Wherever y'all live, you will probably hear him yelling when I break the news, lol. Really, though, he's a pretty tough kid and doesn't freak out like I used to. Oh man, I used to put my mom through the ringer with shots and even finger-stick blood draws. My kids have never had a phobia about them, which I count as a serious blessing. But he's still not going to be happy. Since we leave for camp on Monday I told them at the clinic I wanted everyone caught up before we left. You never know.

We also go to the dentist tomorrow afternoon. For Sam it's just a check on his appliance and possibly an adjustment. For Ab, it's her consultation with the dentist so he can tell me just how involved it's going to get. He already said headgear, but I'm hoping that's as far as we go right now. She's not looking forward to headgear anyway, bless her heart.

Well, I already typed longer than I had planned, which is pretty normal for my long-winded self, lol. I'll let everyone know how the whole "re-shot" experience goes tomorrow! I'm sure you're waiting on the edges of your seats, am I right? LOL

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Thursday, July 15, 2004 - 3:08 AM CDT

Name: wally edmond
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Wasn't it Dorothy who once said?:
"Doctors, shots, and the dentist, oh my!"
Okay! Forgive me, but I got a little "edgy!"

Thursday, July 15, 2004 - 12:42 PM CDT

Name: 311124

Hello. Just testing.

Friday, July 16, 2004 - 12:26 AM CDT

Name: Sammy
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Ah crap. Poor kids. I hate hate hate shots. Hell, when Paul & Debby take me to the Vet, they got to pull me into the office. I'm not kidding. I hate it that much. And don't get me started on the Dentist. Oh no! I've never been, but I've heard stories. Headgear, that is something else entirely. I know a little bit about headgear. Humiliation isn't just a human emotion.

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