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Friday, July 16, 2004
Well, the shot experience yesterday went off without a hitch. I told Sam first thing in the morning. He kind of teared up, but I told him I needed him to be super brave and show Kady how to act. He ate that up; loved playing big brother. He was the first victim and bless his heart, try as hard as he could not to, he cried. But it wasn't bad and as soon as it was done, he was done. Kady watched big brother with some serious curiosity and was totally cool when it came time for her turn. I assumed the standard toddler shot-taking position: I held her on my lap, pinned her legs between my knees, put the other arm behind mine and and held her elbow straight. She actually smiled through the entire thing. The nurse stuck her once, Kady grinned and watched. She reached for the next syringe and said, "'re supposed to be crying by now." She gave the other two shots and Kady was fine, flinching ever so slightly on #3. And then we were done, got suckers, stickers and coupons for free Apple Dippers at McD's. All was well with the world. Then I had to take her to WIC and get her finger stuck. She did say "Ow" on that one and jerked when the tech started squeezing her finger, but when she saw her blood going up that straw she was mesmerized and sat still. She's such a cool kid. Poor Sam asked me all day long, "Mom, even though I cried, am I still brave?" Ohh, God bless that precious baby. I told him that definitely yes, he was about as brave as they come.

The rest of the morning was filled with WalMart,a quick visit to Grammy's office so they could relate the details of the immunizing (is that a word?) and a run through McD's to get the Apple Dippers they so deserved. We stopped here at the house long enough to drop off the booty we had acquired at WM, let everyone pee and dope everyone up with some Tylenol. Then we were off to Tulsa to the dentist. Sam's cross-bite is almost completely corrected now and that is worthy of a mighty praise! The consultation with the dentist about Ab's mouth didn't go as well as I had hoped, but it certainly could be worse, so I shan't complain. He wants her to start a headgear, as I mentioned, but he also wants her to wear it 14 hours a day. 14 hours!?!? Geez, that just borders on cruel and unusual punishment and humiliation. I, of course, would never ever make her wear it out of the house. That would just be mean! The other bit of not-so-great news is that our insurance isn't going to cover it. But, by the grace of God, the dentist lowered the price and is letting me pay it out and even waiving a down payment. HALLELUIAH!!! I could've cried, he was so kind. If I take on another house to clean, twice a month, just like the one I'm cleaning now, I will have an extra $120 a month- $100 to pay him and $20 for gas. I think it's totally do-able.

I should be packing right now for camp, but I seriously feel a nap calling my name. I am battling what feels like the start of a sinus infection and I'm afraid I'm losing the battle. I know the allergy/sinus issues will only get worse down in the woods, so I'm praying for a healing before I go. I am about to run down as it is, simply from stress, and to get sick on top of it all...agh, not a good combination.

Btw, thanks for everyone who has been reading and commenting on my blog! I am tickled to death every time I get a new one. Makes me feel so special, lol. I'll probably write again before we leave for camp, but mind you, it may be unintelligible and make no sense whatsoever! But then, some days are like that already...

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Friday, July 16, 2004 - 2:09 PM CDT

Name: Jessica

Surfed into your blog while checking out a rather popular blog that has gotten pretty boring recently. Love the stories about your kids! I have a 2 1/2 year old (Chase) and one on the way (due in December). It's a regular adventure when you have kids and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Keep up the great stories...they make my day while I'm bored to pieces at work!

Friday, July 16, 2004 - 6:49 PM CDT

Name: Christina-Marie
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Oh, the poor darlings... I hate when the kids have to get shots. We have five children, and no one gets shots at the same time because of the age differences, so it seems like someone or another is always getting stuck. :(

Congratulations on the wonderful blessings that have allowed you to find funding and budgeting for your daughter's dental work. Just yesterday I had an answered prayer in finances, as well... (read my page for the details).

Regarding your sinuses - if you are serious about getting well, I would recommend laying off dairy, wheat, and animal protein and taking a therapeutic dose of eccinacea three times a day. Sounds crazy, but it's the only thing that works for me. Rice and veggies, lots of water, two eccinacea three times a day. Be sure to get the veggie caps, not the ones in gelatin capsules, which interfere with the absorption and action of the herbs. Hope you are feeling better! I've said a prayer for you...

Saturday, July 17, 2004 - 11:19 AM CDT

Name: Wally's Poll
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Dear #1 Mom!

God bless you, and your loving family.

Wally Edmond

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