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Saturday, July 17, 2004
The final countdown
Mood:  rushed
Well, I think I'm almost ready for camp. Almost. I think. :-)

I am skipping out on my uncle's campaign pig-roast tonight, even though the kids and I really needed some time out of the house, but I just feel so pressured I'm afraid if I leave the house I'll lose my energy. This much-needed break out here on the computer is already taking some of my steam, but I was headed that way anyway. Might as well chill while I'm doing something I love.

I scrubbed both bathrooms down today. Was that something that had to be done before camp? Probably not, but then again, yes it did. I am leaving my husband alone in this house for 5 days and if it's yucky when I leave it is only going to be yuckier when I get back, so I figured that by giving it a thorough scrubbing I'd at least be a little further ahead in the game when I got home. Amazing what rubber gloves, bleach cleaner and a toothbrush can do for a bathroom! Of course, now I can only smell bleach because I burned my nose, (great for those poor, sick sinues) but hey my bathroom's clean, lol. I cleaned Ab's too, which was certifiably disgusting. Never give a grade schooler her own bathroom. When she was 5 she painted a mural in Aquafresh Kids on the wall, at 6 she traced around all the butterfly appliques on the walls with pencil, and at 7 she has discovered glitter. That is the sparkliest bathroom in Oklahoma, lemme tell ya. But now it's also one of the cleanest. When I got done and could finally stand again, despite my poor, shaky, bruised knees, I called her in and began with "Look real hard at how clean this bathroom is at this very moment..." Used to she'd be all excited, like "What is Mom going to enlighten me with now?" but now she's wise to my motherly lectures and finds them not amusing in the least. She started the eye-rolling and the hip jutted out....Oohhhhhh that just drives me bonkers!! So I made the lecture longer. Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure if I get nominated for Mother of the Year, it's not going to be by her.

I have all of Ab and Sam's clothes in the small suitcase, all of mine and Kady's plus the towels and bedding in this humongous suitcase of Mom's that really should have it's own zipcode or something. I have no earthly idea how I'm going to cart that sucker around. Yeah, it's got wheels, but it's roughly the size of a double-wide. I have a big rubbermaid container that is going as the toy box, which will be packed once the kids finish watching Spirit here in a bit. All of the food that is here at my house is boxed and just needs to be loaded in the van, which husband doesn't know it yet but he's been nominated for that job when he gets home from work, lol. I need to pack toiletries, the hair dryer, 6 trillion ponytail holders and all of our pool stuff next. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, folks!

Well, husband just rolled in on his "Kawa-hog-y" (He wants a hog so bad, but there are also folks in hell who want ice water so...) and that's my cue to get busy again. I actually cooked tonight! He'll be so impressed. I want to make sure I'm in the kitchen when he sees actual food on the stove.

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