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The Ramblings of a Redneck Diva
Friday, July 23, 2004
Pull up a chair and sit a spell....this is gonna take awhile
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Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goodness, friends, family and fans of my blog, you are just gonna marvel at the adventure I call my life.

I'm home from camp, albeit a day earlier than I had anticipated. The reason will come later in the me.

Okay, Sunday was church, the final day at home before camp. Directly after church Sunday morning service we went to McDonald's for a 6 year old's birthday party. Ah, McDonald's...I'm lovin' it. :-)
We ducked out of the party just a hair early because I had to meet Alicia, the other camp cook, at WalMart to finish picking up our groceries. We had a lot of things donated by the churches, but there were still some things left to buy. Thank the good Lord in heaven that Mom offered to watch the kids while I went. We ended up with two carts full, saw several other cooks from other churches who were doing exactly the same thing, saw virtually every person I've ever met in my life and of course they wanted to visit, even ran into an old boyfriend, his wife and new baby. We finally got to the checkout, Alicia is freaking because she's thinking we've spent $500. Well, being the grocery guru that I am, I knew it wasn't that much, and sure enough, I estimated $200 and it was $216. Darn, I'm good. So we load it all into my van (which have I mentioned that the back doors still don't open?) and I go to pick up the kids at Mom, run out to WM to fill up the van, drive across town to meet Alicia to get Rubbermaid containers and the rest of the donated groceries, (btw, I'm still in my pantsuit and heels from church) then it's back home to unload the van, change clothes, start packing a few things in the Rubbermaid, then it's time for church again. I was basically there in body only because I couldn't focus on the sermon, only on what I had left to get done. After church we loaded up what was donated from our church and off I go to Sis' house, where she had dinner waiting, praise the Lord. Half way there, I noticed the battery light has come on in the van. Hmmm...I think, not knowing what that means other than maybe something's wrong with the battery?? I pull up to Sis', don't dare turn the thing off for fear it won't start again, holler at Paul, who's already there and he just gets this uggy "this isn't good" look on his face. I'm still thinking it's the battery, but oh noooooo, that would be too easy. It's the alternator. It's 8pm, Sunday evening, I'm leaving at 5 am, Monday morning, so what do you think the chances are of it getting fixed before I go? We take a look at Heather's van, it's too small. We get her in-law's SUV, a Bravada, and it's too small. I call the pastor, he says if I can at least get it to town we'll be alright because he's going to get a stock trailer. Whew, okay, that's great, not panicking quite as bad now. So we opt for Sis' van to drive there, we'll take the food to town in the truck and all will be well. We prepare to all head to my house to pack when I realize that the keys have somehow been locked in my van. Paul has to ride the motorcycle home, get his keys, drive back to Fairland, unlock me...ugh, I had managed to keep it together until then, but while he was retrieving keys I had a good cry. So we all meet back up at my house to start packing food because my mom's a whiz at things like that. Jon, my brother in law, calls Paul and they decide they really aren't comfortable with us driving her van all that way, can we take Paul's truck instead? It's a freakin' yard barge people, a big white Chevy with dual exhaust that screams "I'm a redneck", but it's dependable so we're driving it. We load all the luggage into Sis' van to get it to town, load all of the food into the bed of the pickup, Paul tarps it down and it's now nearly 1am. I fall into the bed at 1, Paul says he'll sleep on the couch so I'll be able to sleep better. At 1:15 I asked him to come to bed because I couldn't sleep. At 2 I gave up and started getting ready. We meet at the church at 5:30, expecting a stock trailer - whaddya know, no trailer. But God either shrunk everyone's luggage, increased the interiors of the vans or just did a miracle like with the bread and fish because it all fit. My 3 kids are squished into the back seat of the truck like sardines, Heather and I are half goofy from lack of sleep, we're in the church parking lot with 17 youth and we are ready to have our socks blessed off at church camp. Three 15 passenger vans, a pickup and an Xterra all head out at 6:35 am carrying 1 pastor, 2 youth ministers, 1 mom and breastfeeding baby, 1 mom and bottle baby, 2 goofy sleep-deprived cooks with 3 small children, 2 female sponsors and the rest is made up of youth.

God bless us everyone...

to be continued...

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