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Thursday, July 29, 2004
This weather rocks!
Mood:  spacey
We have had a week of the coolest weather I've ever experienced in July. Sunday morning it was actually cool enough to merit a sweater. The girls had goose bumps when we were going into the church! It's been so cool all week, it's given everyone this little shot in the arm that is unheard of during the hellish Oklahoma summers. Usually this time in July it's nearly 100' with heat indices as high as 110 and the humidity somewhere around 4000%. Right now the temp is 67. We've spent more time outside this week than we normally would - we've gone to the park, played outside... of course today it's raining, but still it's awful durn inviting to just run out there...

My uncle is running for state representative and Tuesday was the primary election. We were so hoping that he'd win with enough of a percent that there would not be a run off. To win you have to have 50% of the votes. He won with 49.3%. Agh! SO close!! Technically he won, but there still has to be a run off. Yesterday we had an informal meeting and we now all have only one shirt in our wardrobes, lol. My children are going to be labeled the poor kids at school because they will wear only their campaign shirts for the first 3 weeks of school, lol.

My aunt won a drawing from one of the casinos and we're all wearing our campaign shirts there, as well. They're going to think they're being invaded when we all show up with matching shirts and hats and whatever else they forage around for between now and then. I'm all for wearing my shirt in support, but tonight I'm all about the free steak dinner and $25 free play in the casino. Ya know, a girl's gotta have her priorities in order.

Tomorrow's baby sister's 28th birthday and there are 4 couples all getting together to hit the casinos that give away free play on birthdays. Might get expensive for the 7 of us non-birthday folks, but Sis is going to have a ball, lol. Mom's watching all 5 grandkids overnight so that we can have a good time and not have to worry about dragging the kids out at some ungodly hour. Mom rocks. I'm looking forward to some fun "grownup" time this weekend. School starts in a few weeks, I'll start babysitting again next Monday...things are going to get serious again. Bummer. Kind of bites being an adult sometimes.

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Thursday, July 29, 2004 - 7:11 PM CDT

Name: Tracy Stone Johnston

Hey Kristin,
Tell Heather I said Happy Birthday!!!

I told ya and told ya you did NOT want to grow up and be an adult but you wouldn't listen to me.......nooooooooo you knew what you you bunches...and enjoy reading your articles...Tracy

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