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The Ramblings of a Redneck Diva
Sunday, August 1, 2004
"I'm not a pickle, I'm a cucumber."
Mood:  surprised
Okay, before I go ahead with today's blog I've gotta update you on the last one.

In addition to the awesome dinner and free play we got at the casino Thursday we also got a goody bag! I didn't even know about it until the next day when I dropped the kids off at Mom's. She told me she had a bag for me and Sis. I figured it was just something the kids had left or something she had found for us and was just wanting to get out of her house. No...they are actual tote bags that say "Quapaw Casino" and inside was a koozie, a magnetic clip and a t-shirt. Pretty durn cool eh? Y'all may not be excited, but this chick was impressed, lol.

I've had a couple of people ask how the driver's license picture turned out. Pretty almost alright, I guess. I mean for a driver's license picture it's not too bad. The only thing is, they made me take my glasses off! I have worn glasses since I was 11 and they are a part of me. I have tried to wear contacts two separate times in my life and I have actually had people tell me I look weird. I'm just meant to wear glasses. And my hair, which is really dark anyway, looks even darker in my picture, so I think I look like a big fat indian woman, LOL. No kidding! I told Sis that and when she looked at it, she goes, "Yyyyyyeah, I can see that." I called Mom, because I knew she had gotten hers renewed a few months back, to see if she had to take hers off, too, but nooooooooo they let her keep hers on! It's so strange that I had to take them off because I have the corrective lenses restriction on my license, so you'd think they'd want my picture to have me in them. *shrugs* Dunno. Maybe the lady at the tag office just needed a good laugh and I was the unfortunate person who she picked to cheer her up.

Okay, so on to today's actual blog, telling the events of the weekend...

Friday night we went out for Sis' birthday, which was a total hoot. Bub dropped Sis off at one of the small casinos in town, came out and picked up all of our kids and me and took us to Mom's to leave the munchkins. Then he and I met Sis and our friend, Melissa, at the Stables. We were just planning on hanging out until Paul got off work, then we were going to eat. Paul wasn't scheduled to get off until 8, so we were all hungry and cranky, but hanging, nonetheless. But miracle of miracles, he called me shortly after 7 and said he was on his way home to shower. So around 8 he called and said he was almost to town. About that time John and Tif showed up, just in time to get back in their car to drive across town to the steak house. The three couples had a really great dinner and just enjoyed visiting and laughing. I tell ya, some of the stories we tell when we're together. We were having such a good time I nearly cried all my mascara off.

So then after dinner, John decided he needed to go on home and for some strange reason get some sleep, the big poo. So we took Tif with us out to Quapaw Casino. We all kind of split up, but about 5 minutes after I sat down at my machine, here comes Tif strollin up. She had blown $20 in that short 5 minutes! I'm tellin' ya, it's easy to do. Been there done that. It only took me about 15 to lose $15. A buck a minute...not good. So we left those machines by the wayside and headed to a different part of the building. I wanted to play my favorite game, RedBall. Tif and I got machines side by side and were having a ball. I taught her how to "woogie" her machine for luck, which she thought was silly at first, but after awhile we were both woogie-ing like crazy, lol. Paul was bored and sat down at a slot machine behind us and put in a dollar. By this time Sis was on the other side of me. He tapped Sis on the shoulder and said, "Uh, I think I just won $100." Well, imagine the three of us turning around simultaneously. That definitely got our collective attention! Sure enough, he had won a $100 jackpot. He went to the cage and got his cash, then decided to try it again. He put in a $10 and in $6 had won another $87. We were making him cash out when he won, otherwise he'd just play it all again. All told he won about $250 during the course of the night. Me, I just played $40 of his winnings, lol.

Okay, sidebar...a hilarious one at that... While I was typing along here, my internet answering machine rang and I needed to return the call. I walked out onto the carport to get my cell phone out of my van. I dialed the number as I was walking and it's a good thing poor Sarah didn't answer the phone because as I walked in the door I stepped on a lizard!! Imagine the scream that came outta my mouth. And imagine the surprise she'd have gotten had she picked up!! Iiiiiieeeeeewwww, I hate lizards!!! I was so busy screaming and jumping around that I'm not even sure where the stupid thing went. He could've run right back out the door, he could've run further into my bedroom. I'm not sure I'll be sleeping here tonight, lol. iew iew iewiewiewwwww iiwewwwwwwwww that was gross!

Okay, so now I'm not even in the mood to type any more. That stupid thing could still be lurking here in my bedroom!! Yeah, I'm thinking I want to leave my bedroom for awhile. If I get enough courage to enter this part of the house again today I'll write more, otherwise y'all may have to wait awhile, lol.

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