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Monday, August 2, 2004
Initial Night
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It's Monday so that means it's "Initial Night". Tif and her husband watch the OC and Paul and I watch WWE. Dunno, it was funny to me. :-)

I absolutely love watching wrestling. Not only is it an opportunity to watch half naked men exhibit gratuitous acts of testosterone-induced pseudo-violence, but hey, it's my right as a redneck woman to be able to watch what my man watches, which could include, but is not limited to, Nascar. And no, I don't watch Nascar. Just commenting that if I wanted to, it'd be okay. I enjoy a good rodeo, have been known to watch Arena football-when so inclined-and there really is nothing better than a demolition derby. I was supposed to drive in one last year, did you know that? Sadly I'm gonna be a grey-headed osteoarthritic woman and still talking about the time I was "supposed" to drive in the derby. It's actually on my list of things I want to do before I die. Getting married and having kids were two items on said list and I've accomplished those, so why can't I drive a derby once?


Last night after church and after it got dark, John, Tif, Eddie and Paul and I went out to hunt a cache. For those of you who are going huh right about now, let me explain what "caching" is. In order to cache you must have a GPS. People hide these caches all over the place, which can consist of nothing more than a log book and pencil or can go as far as being something like a landmark and you have to take your picture to prove you've been there. Most caches, though, are rubbermaid type boxes with a log book and some trinkets, goodies, what have ya. The idea is that you bring along things to trade out with the things you find in caches. Okay, anyway we insane people hide these things, log the coordinates on the website and then more insane people go find them, relying on the GPS, the weather and how good their hiking boots are. It's a blast and you can easily use up a whole day or night hunting and hiding these things. Lots of the folks in our church have this rather interesting hobby and we have been hooked as well. Check it out here!

Our pastor, James, and my cousin, Chad, are two of the most known cachers in the area and are infamous for their tricky and hard to find treasures. James hid one down in the woods, made up this supposed legend to go along with it and finds a rather twisted pleasure in scaring the holy poo out of people with it. It's a night only cache, so you have to wait till dark, don the boots, jeans and OFF, grab a flashlight and muster up your courage. So we all head out to find "The Legend of Johnny Marble" which in addition to finding the treasure, you might also find yourself face to face with Johnny Marble himself (aka James or Chad, depending on if they know your're heading out there, lol). We get about half way there and I'm telling them the stories I've read about it and John all of the sudden says "YOU MEAN WE'RE HUNTING JOHNNY MARBLE??? Aw geez guys, if I'd known we were hunting Johnny Marble there is NO WAY I'd have come!" And bless his heart, he was serious. John's not a big fan of being scared. But press on, we did. We parked right off the road, donned head lamps, grabbed flashlights, sprayed ourselves with a heaping helping of DEET and into the woods we went. Oh my goodness it was humid and the woods were so thick and John and Tif were both not wanting to be there, but I personally was having a blast. The brush and trees are so thick in there that the GPS is useless, so the trail is marked with reflective tape and tacks. We got a few yards in and lost the trail, which made us have to backtrack a bit and find a different trail. We got far enough in to find the old electric pole to the old house we needed to be at, but couldn't find the house, nor any more tacks. We were all kind of just looking around, wondering just where in the heck a house would hide, when all of the sudden we hear an alarm going off. John's Expedition has an alarm on it. And John's Expedition is a program car from the car lot he works for. Agh, so here we go, trekking back out of the woods, much faster than we came in. Eddie and Paul both were nearly running, John was just trying to make sure Tif and I weren't murdered by some tortured soul in the woods and Tif kept saying "I am not sure I'm your friend right now, Kristin. Yep, I'm really thinking I don't like you much anymore." LOL I was just laughing my butt off at her. John's thought was that Chad or James had actually set off the car alarm to make us come back up the trail so they could scare us, which made him goosier than all get out. Well, by the time the 3 of us bringing up the rear make it to the end of the trail, Paul and Ed have already come back to find us, bring with them the news that it's not the Expedition's alarm, but one at a nearby building. Well, Tif said she wasn't going back into the woods, John agreed, also saying that if someone was in the area setting off alarms, they could just as easily try to get into his car. So the hunt for Johnny Marble was aborted. *sigh* I haven't been caching in ages and when I finally get to go, we don't even find the durn thing. But truthfully, I understood where they were coming from, so I really wasn't upset in the least. Paul and I are going to try to hunt it again this weekend and I hope we actually find it this time. The luck we were having with not being able to even find the house makes me wonder what kind of luck we'll have the next time.

I haven't seen my little lizard friend out here in my room again, but I swear I hear him. In fact, while I was typing I had Paul come out here (because my feet were up on the keyboard) to turn on a light so I could see just exactly what was rattling around under my desk. I didn't see anything, but you know feet are still up here on the keyboard and I'm finding that, for a fat girl, I'm still pretty limber.

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