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Wednesday, August 4, 2004
Mood:  down
This one truly will be short, folks, so write it down in the books that there actually was a day I wasn't long-winded.

I'm depressed as hell this morning. I have another FREAKING eye infection, I need $1000 in a bad way, I have PMS, it's raining, my throat hurts, a stupid bill collector called my husband at work this morning and of course in the grand scheme of things it's all my damn fault and aw screw it, why ramble on. I'm logging off and shutting down the computer for the day. I think I'll pop in Sixteen Candles, grab a blanket and think about on the days when I wanted to be Molly Ringwald.

I can remember crying for like 3 solid hours once because I wasn't Molly Ringwald. Huh???? Now I'd just like to be out of debt and halfway un-miserable for a few days in a row. Who the heck cares that I'm not famous and don't have the gorgeous red hair I've always dreamed of? Being Molly Ringwald is like the furthest thing from a priority now, but boy it was sure important when I was 15...says the bitter 31 year old.

Who was that wise woman that said "Don't rush growing up - it's not all you think it's going to be."? Hmmm...lemme think....oh yeah, now I remember - every adult woman I came in contact with as a teenager.

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