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Wednesday, August 4, 2004
Slumber party
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Now Playing: The sound of children sleeping and my husband channel surfing
Well, I think I may have bumped myself back up into the running for Mom of the Year. Or at least Aunt Kiki of the Year. I spent 45 minutes building the biggest living room tent made entirely of sheets that I've ever made in my life. I sometimes wonder if architect wasn't my calling. I mean, doesn't it mean I have talent when I can take 4 twin sheets and a stapler and create something that makes 5 children so happy they literally dance? I took pics and if I have a chance tomorrow I'll try to post them on here. (If someone has mastered this, gimme a buzz and enlighten me - I haven't been able to actually get one to show up yet. And no, I'm not a retarded monkey.)

One of my best friends called this evening to see if I could watch her two kids tomorrow while she works on her classroom, getting it ready for school. This means that I will have in my home:
one 9 year old boy
one 7 year old girl
one 6 year old girl
one 5 year old girl
one 5 year old boy
one 4 year old boy
one 2 year old girl
one 2 year old boy

If it wasn't so hot we'd play outside, but the heat index today was 103, so I'm not betting we do much outside time. And we only have a wading pool that measures mayyyyyybe 4 feet across, if that. No way in heck can 8 kids play in that without injury. I don't know how long the tent will last with that many kids, either. It should be an interesting day, to say the least!

Yeah, I'm thinking I may not be online much tomorrow, what do you think?

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