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Friday, August 6, 2004
Mood:  loud
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I'm in a very obnoxious mood this morning. That means that the checkers at WalMart and the 16 year olds with McJobs who are pouty about having to go back to school in a week had better BE NICE. I'm in just the right frame of mind to waylay someone.

Oh yesterday was SUCH a wonderful day! I was surrounded by a house full of children all day and it was heaven. A noisy heaven, but still heaven. I sent the big kids outside when the little ones took a nap, giving me some quiet time. That was all I needed to recharge and then I was ready to go again. All 8 kids and I were outside, the weather was, it was just one of those days where you feel like you're doing something right in the grand scheme of things.

The boys had their light sabres and were battling some unknown evil lurking in my side yard, the two little ones were climbing all over the big toy (my two year old has no fear, btw, which means she'll either be a gymnast, biker chick or the president one of these days), one girl was playing with the dog, one was playing in the chat and one was swinging. It's not the first time, but man did I notice the difference between the boys and the girls. It wasn't evident in the little ones because they all pretty much play the same at that age with only few differences. But the bigger kids, there is definitely a gender line drawn in indelible ink. The boys form a team, an alliance, to play together, feed off each other, and truthfully there are few arguments between them in group play. They are more inclined to just go with the flow, the characters changing from time to time, the evil they are fighting can go from dark jedi dude to an indian in the canyons to a bad guy runnin' from the cops and the boys don't care, they just want to be the hero no matter what. Girls....oh girls....we are so much higher maintenance as a whole, aren't we? The girls all want to maintain control of the hierarchy, they all want to be the mommy when they play family, they all want to cook, they all want to be the diva on stage and how dare anyone try to share the limelight. If you do, oh sister, you better be ready for a fight. The principle is the same: Girls and boys alike want to be the hero/heroine, but boys are a little more flexible in how they attain that. Girls aren't. Period. We all took a walk down the driveway (1/10 mile) and the boys were running and riding the bikes ahead of everyone, racing, skidding the tires in the rocks, yelling, chasing the dog and just generally enjoying the freedom of movement. The girls were picking flowers, holding my hand, handing me flower after flower, putting flowers in my hair/their hair, looking at the birds, giggling when they saw a rabbit run across the field and just generally enjoying the beauty of the moment. It's the same in adults as well. When Paul and I walk, he's there for the sole purpose of getting to where we are going. His stride is long, his steps very fast, he looks straight ahead and doesn't talk. I, however, (and being a short-legged 5'2" doesn't help) walk very slowly, my stride being obviously very short, my steps fast only because it takes 2 of mine to equal one of his. I look from side to side, enjoying the scenery, commenting on things I see, trying to drag conversation out of him. It's just funny, the difference between men and women, because it starts when we are mere children.

Well, I gotta run. I had no intention of writing so much today! I'm playing maid today and doing my weekly house cleaning job. period's late and I'm going to take a pregnancy test while I'm in town. Pray, folks. Not sure how I want you to pray, but just do. :)

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Friday, August 6, 2004 - 2:17 PM CDT

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I remember telling myself that I wouldn't give my boy any guns or other weapons (back then I thought boys and girls were alike) but he would make guns out of bark and swords out of sticks (having censored television I don't even know where he picked half this stuff up!) to the point that he was getting splinters, so I finally gave up and got him an orange squirt gun.

But I have noticed that boys jockey too. In school during sports and such, there is a lot of what I call "alpha male" competition. Until a clear alpha male is established there are usually two or maybe three boys battling it out while the rest get along just fine.

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