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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
The countdown continues
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I took my kiddos to the school today to pick up school supplies. We are so blessed to be Native American because that means FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!! Gotta love it. Last year, before I realized we actually got these tasty morsels of free school supply goodness, I went out and bought all of Ab's stuff at the friendly neighborhood WalMart. Even with our 10% associate discount it was $35+. Geez, that was a big pinch in the checkbook for this poor indian woman - how do poor white people afford it? Last year she had to have 8 glue sticks. (Guess they glue a lot in first grade. Still not sure about that one.) The stinkin' glue sticks were a buck a piece so that equals out to .... aw heck if you can't figure that up you need help, lol. This year I think she has to have 6. Still lots of gluing going on in that elementary school.

Ab has been so apprehensive about starting 2nd grade, bless her heart. The poor child is so painfully shy and just worries about everything, so I kind of expected it. She has made such amazing progress since she was 4, but she still has trouble with some new social situations. She does not get this trait from me because I am, after all, a Diva in my own right, so it's very hard for me to fathom this debilitating shyness. To me a new social situation is just a chance to shine, lol. To her it's a chance to perspire and wish for the nearest hole in which to crawl. I knew she'd meet her teacher during Open House tomorrow night, but I wanted to wrangle a more personal meeting and God heard my prayers today. We were headed toward the room where the school supplies are kept under armed security (just kidding - I mean, school supplies are expensive but not enough to warrant a militant overthrow or anything) when the other 2nd grade teacher popped out into the hall. We were visiting with her awhile, our families having known each other since our families began, and lo and behold Ab's teacher joined us in the hall. Fortunately one of Sam's little friends was there in her mom's classroom and they ran off to annoy that poor woman, so I could kind of prod Ab into talking to her teacher. She found her desk and she's sitting by her buddy,McKenzie, so that in and of itself makes 2nd grade worthwhile in her mind. The reading book they are starting out in she has already completed because she at least got her reading skills from her mother (and yes I'm bragging) and she was so relieved to know that 2nd grade is going to be something she can actually do. It's one of those things I've been telling her for weeks now, that she is capable of succeeding, capable of learning and not being overwhelmed, but I guess seeing the book with her own eyes was what she needed to assure herself. Works for me.

Sam has no qualms whatsoever about starting Kindergarten. This is the vast difference between my two oldest children. Abby kind of hangs back and observes. Sam jumps in, bringing attention to himself, drawing the quieter kids into play, completely comfortable in virtually every situation. I always worry that Abby will be too quiet and won't be recognized. I worry that Sam will just talk the teacher to death, lol.

Sam is having a banner day today anyway. At lunch today he was just chowing along and got this strange look on his face, a mixture of pain and "what the heck?". I thought he'd bitten his tongue, but usually he yells like his leg has been ripped off when he does that. I asked him what was up and he replied, "I bit my tooth." Wasn't sure I quite understood that, so first I had him rinse his mouth because I really wasn't interested in getting a close-up view of a mostly-chewed pb&j sandwich. Then upon inspection realized that he has a very loose tooth. Upon even further inspection we discovered he actually has two very loose teeth. They're so wiggly I bet they don't see the second week of school. Of course, he has shown everyone we've seen today his loose teeth, walking around with his finger stuck in his face, wiggling like a madman.

It's good to be the mom. How can life get any better than getting to experience such little miracles and joys and laughs? I get tired, I get frustrated, I feel inept and I sometimes cry at how inadequate I feel, but gosh...this is what I was put on this earth for. What a purposeful life. Makes me feel pretty durn signifigant in the grand scheme of things.

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