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Friday, August 13, 2004
Black cats, ghoulies, ghosties and possibly even toenail fungus
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Oohhh Friday the 13th, woooooooooo...spooky day....wooooooo....the unsettled spirits are walking abouts.....woooooo...okay, enough of that crap. Big freakin' deal, it's a Friday and it's the 13th. I ain't buyin' it.

But, I am partaking in some spooky haunted festivities tonight, so I guess maybe I buy it a little. Nah, I really don't, but this is the only time they're giving this tour until October. The town we live in has this beautiful old theatre that was built back in 19somewheresprettyold and it's in the process of a million-some dollar restoration. Well, I've been going to the Coleman Theatre Beautiful since I was a child, used to watch Pink Panther cartoons there and even saw Bambi for the first time there. We've done Little Theatre there, gone for opera events, movies, talent shows and anything else you can use an old theatre for. It's on the National Historical Registry (or whatever it's called) and is right on Route 66, so it gets lots of publicity. It's haunted, as well.

Two years ago in October they opened it up on Friday and Saturday nights for Mystery Tours. You pay your $10 (used to be $5 till it got popular, lol) and spend an hour and a half to two hours in the locked theatre getting the piss scared out of yourself. Good times, lemme tell ya. It's not like a spook house where the headless dude comes out of nowhere with the chainless chainsaw and there is no part of the tour where you have to crawl through cold spaghetti and feel peeled grapes. This is legit, people. I went 4 times the first year it was opened up like this and the tour was different every time. Now granted, I do believe the tour guide does a few things for theatrical purposes, but I do believe there are spirits and energies there that are not of this time or world. We've smelled the cologne of the old theatre manager, heard "Abigail's" skirts rustling through the balcony, felt cold spots and last year Sis even felt Abigail touching her hair, trying to calm her down when she had a full-blown panic attack. Last year in the balcony as well, we could hear the noise of a crowd from long ago. It was very faint, but it was the murmur you hear before a performance begins, quiet talking,etc. The first 4 times I went it was eerie, spooky and entertaining but at no time did I ever feel threatened or really frightened. Last year I went on the tour one time and left before it was over. Whatever was in the theatre with us that night did not want us there and wasn't happy we weren't leaving. I felt like I should oblige since he/she/it was so adamant, so I sat in the van through the rest of the tour. Sue me.

But I'm going again tonight to see just how scared I can get again. Sure to be a treat! I'll write about it over the weekend, you can bet on that, lol.

Btw, if you type in you are going to be directly linked to a XXX site. Of course, you are going to do it now, lol, but I thought I'd give you fair warning. There isn't a good official site for the theater anymore, but a Google search will turn up some articles on it.

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