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Monday, August 16, 2004
Monday, Monday
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First day on Weight Watchers. At 6pm I wrote down my points for dinner and totaled them for the day. If I were to eat only my minimum points I still had 11 to go before bed. 16 if I wanted to max out and not bank any points. I called my sister, who is the WW Queen, and she said she was a bit overcautious when she started, too. Then told me to get eatin' because I had to at least eat my minimum. Never in my life did I feel such pressure to eat! I wasn't hungry! I had just a had a big ol' salad and even had dressing that wasn't Lite for Fat Free. My stomach only growled once today. I was pretty durn proud of my eating for the day.

Of course, not so proud of the ice cream I wolfed down super quick to use up those damned points. Still working on wise diet choices, obviously,lol. I was still within my points, though, so it wasn't like I blew it at day's end. It just wasn't the healthiest of ways to use up 14 points.

The County Fair started tonight. So begins another week of wearing my campaign shirt every time I walk out of the house again. Election day is next Tuesday so the Fair is our last time to see lots of people and bring in those undecideds. There wasn't much going on at the fairgrounds tonight, so we bugged out kinda early and went to get ice cream (whoo hoo!) and this precious little old lady came over and started talking to us, noting we were obviously campaigning, telling us she'd just been to the Masonic Hall and they were all voting for my uncle and all of her Bridge-playing friends were, and well, she voted for him last time so she might as well this time. It was cute. She said she'd heard nothing but nice about him and she couldn't think of a better way to vote. I told her I appreciated that and had to quell the urge to hug that precious woman! I'm a softie when it comes to the elderly. The movie, Cocoon, nearly gave me a stroke, I cried so hard. Just one of my quirks.

Well, the kids have been in bed since 8 and this new bedtime for them makes my bedtime earlier as well. They're usually in bed by 7:30 and by 9 I'm yawning and looking for my pj's. You can forget about me lasting through the 10:00 news, too. I can make it to the weather sometimes, but I never see the end. So much for the forecast.

Husband's on vacation this week... have I mentioned how annoying that gets?????

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004 - 8:57 AM CDT

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I wish I could get my rat to bed that early! I am usually kicking him off the phone and escorting him back to his room at 10:00, in fact I have to do the "ramp down" this week, since he has been staying up later than me this summmer...teenagers!

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