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Sunday, August 22, 2004
Stayin' alive...sort of
Mood:  silly
I look like I've been on a 4-day bender or something. My eyes look awful! They've looked this way since Friday, so I guess I should just get used to it. Most people have allergy problems in the spring when things start blooming and such. Oh no, not my family and me. We get sick as dogs in the fall. (How sick do dogs get anyway?) All 3 kids are much worse in the fall and have been this way since they were infants. This will be our first fall/winter without tonsils and with tubes in Abby and Sam's ear, so I'm hoping we have NO ear infections. We better not anyway. But I have a feeling we're not going to experience an improvement in Miss Kady. She started doing that dry nighttime cough last night and woke up this morning all rattly. I would just about wager that by tonight she'll be wheezing and we'll have to break out the inhalers. Asthma sucks.

Abby asked me yesterday if I lived in the "olden days". I said, "Well, now that just depends on your idea of what 'olden' is." She pondered a moment and finally said, " the 70's." WHA??? I pressed my lips together and through gritted teeth said, "WELL, for your information I was born in '73." She sat straight up and said, "COOL! So you know all about disco!?"

Speaking of old...Paul hurt his back yesterday at work. (snicker) He's hurt it at work before, but last time he failed to fill out an incident report. Thankfully his manager was standing right behind him when he did it this time. She filled one out, stating she witnessed what happened. He shouldn't have gone to work today and he's probably going to screw himself up pretty bad, but...ya know, he's 41 and I'm obviously not the boss of him. I suggested he just work the counter today, but he said that's boring. Well, hmm...I bet that recuperating after back surgery would get mighty boring as well. Grr...that man. Not sure why he keeps me around because it's sure as heck not for conversational purposes and not because he values my opinion. Must be the sex. Oh yeah, he doesn't get that from me either. Ha! Just kidding. (Okay, no I'm not.)

We watched Ron White's DVD last night. They call him Tater Salad , you know. Omg, it was hilarious. Bub and I were both nearly hystericaly at one point, both of us bent over,red-faced, trying to catch our breath. I highly recommend watching all four of the Blue Collar guys: Ron White, Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall and Jeff Foxworthy on Blue Collar Comedy Tour . It's a great way to give your ribs a workout, cry off your makeup and wake up your family when you snort while you laugh. Yes, I've done that one while watching it, lol. We watched Larry the Cable Guy last weekend and I laughed just as hard at his stuff as I did last night at Ron White's. It's a toss up as to who's funnier, in my opinon. Then again, I'm just a simple redneck... A person with a little more sophistication might not find them near as entertaining.

*Strikes a disco pose as she hits the post button*

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Monday, August 23, 2004 - 6:01 PM CDT

Name: Sychotic1
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I rented that blue collar comedy tour, it was hilarious. Me and my (now) Ex laughed our butts off.

By the way, guys never listen to women. If you want your husband to do something, DON'T suggest he do it. NEVER make a suggestion, in fact, if done cleverly, reverse psychology can work. But only if they don't suspect.

Tell him, "Get your ass to work you lazy bum, and don't be wussing out and working the counter...what kind of MAN does something like that?!?"

Then again, I am divorced.

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