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The Ramblings of a Redneck Diva
Monday, August 23, 2004
Monday morning chatting
Mood:  loud
redneck_diva73: did i tell you that the guy sis works with now is friends with larry the cable guy
Stacie : really? heather's claim to fame? she works with a guy who knows larry the cable guy?
Stacie : if there was ever a funny man, he's that man
Stacie : your claim to fame? your sister works with a guy who knows larry the cable guy
Stacie : LOL
redneck_diva73: kind of like my claim to fame is that my sister once went on a date with Joe Don Rooney from Rascal Flatts
Stacie : my claim to fame? my friends sister works with a guy who knows larry the cable guy
redneck_diva73: but yeah, and he said ROFLMAO....oh THAT one was funny
redneck_diva73: totally interrupted a sentence to laugh at that one
Stacie : lol
redneck_diva73: anyway, she said that brian says (oh my gosh it's just too funny) Dan (aka Larry ) is just as common in real life as he seems on the show. real dry sense of humor, and frickin hilarious.
redneck_diva73: and he's going to call me on my birthday!
redneck_diva73: so then i'll actually have a bigger claim to fame and that would be that Larry the Cable Guy called me!
Stacie : OMG! You have got to get a tap on that phone line so you can record the ENTIRE conversation!
redneck_diva73: I KNOW!
redneck_diva73: Or hell, i may just have eeryone over !
redneck_diva73: put 'im on speakerfreakinphone
Stacie : speaker phone time!
redneck_diva73: hella yeah
redneck_diva73: but what does one say to Larry the Cable Guy?
redneck_diva73: will i giggle like a 14 year old?
Stacie : i'm sure you will
Stacie : lol
redneck_diva73: will i feel compelled to belch loudly just to make myself look even more redneck?
Stacie : really, what does one say to larry the cable guy
redneck_diva73: will i just stand there frozen and go "uh huh" to everything he says?
redneck_diva73: that's what i'm sayin!
Stacie : "hey, check it out! i can belch the alphabet!"
Stacie : lol
redneck_diva73: ROFLMAO
redneck_diva73: oh i am SO going to paste our conversation into my blog. if that's okay with's just too good to not share

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