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The Ramblings of a Redneck Diva
Wednesday, August 25, 2004
My head's a-spinnin'
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: Some hilariously cute song about Mr Mom by, I think, LoneStar - so true!
Wow!! What a wild couple of days! As I mentioned, yesterday was Election Day around here and well, let me just say that I'm proud to be one of the First Nieces of our esteemed county! My uncle won with an overwhelming 69.77% of the votes cast. It was a pretty exciting night at the courthouse. I've got pictures and will get them on my Yahoo! photo album thingy tomorrow so you can peruse at your leisure. I'm sure you won't sleep tonight, you're so anticipating seeing them, right? Yeahhhhhhright. Humor me, k? I also have decided to take on two more kids to babysit. This opportunity came completely out of the blue and I wasn't completely prepared to make the decision, but it just seems so right that I can't help but think it is. These people are so flexible it's not even funny and when I said that currently I don't babysit on Fridays (That being my day "off" so I can go clean houses. No, I don't ever rest.) they didn't think that was an unusual request and agreed. Wow. I met them tonight, got to spend a little time with the kids and they seem like a great little family. It's going to make my days absolutely fly, I'm sure. When I did home daycare before I remember the days going by so fast and being so happily exhausted at day's end that it was a good thing. Of course, I didn't have 3 kids of my own then, so I may not be so happily exhausted as I used to be, but I think exhaustion will definitely come into play. This will give me 3 rent-a-kids and two rent-a-family members to throw into the mix of my own 3 rugrats! Life is so good. Noisy, but good. Sis told me tonight that she can already tell I've lost weight. Man, did that ever make me smile! I mean, you can see little things yourself, but to have someone else notice...well, that's just kicky. Sadly, the "little thing" I noticed today was the extra room in the cups of my durn bra. *sigh* WHY is it that when a woman loses weight the first place she loses it is in her BOOBS??? I have so much more fat on my ass that it only seems proper to lose it there first. Surplus and all, you know? This is just so unfair it makes me want to kick something. Agh, I've kind of gotten used to having voluptuous ta-tas and I'm not ready to let them go!!!!!!! Ha! "Not ready to let them go" Makes it sound like I can't keep my hands off of them or something. Geez, I'm sleepy. I better go before I start implying that I play with the aforementioned ta-tas all the time. ;)

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