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Monday, September 6, 2004
I'd rather have actually been in labor this weekend
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Actual labor to produce a child was a breeze compared to this weekend!

Remember that GNO I was so anticipating Saturday night? HA! It kind of fizzled. Actually it went down in flames, a blaze of glory, poof it was no more. No more casino, no more laughing with the girls, no more fun in general.

WHICH was a good thing because at about 10:30 Saturday night Sam spiked a temp of 105.6. (This was about 30 minutes after he barfed all over me.) When Kady had Roseola she had a temp of 105, but 105.6 was just too close to 106 for my taste and I was one scared momma. I called the insurance's nurse advice line and they put me on hold. Screw that, I hung up on 'em. I called the ER and the nurse said to put him in a tepid bath. I've never done that before because it always seem cruel to me, but by golly that night I stuck him in there. It cooled him off in a hurry and he just sighed and said, "Oh momma, that feels so good!" He ran a super high fever all that night and into the next morning so around noon I had his PA paged. She finally returned my page at 2:30. And really by that time he was looking better, the fever was down and I figured he was on the mend. But she listened to my run-down of symptoms and said, "I go on shift at 3 and I want you to be there when I get there." So off to the ER we merrily go. They did a UA and he was able to produce all of barely a tablespoon, bless his heart. They took blood for a CBC and he was super brave. They did a chest x-ray and he thought that was wicked cool. They did a strep test and he gagged. And we waited. Finally she came back in and said that his white blood count was 20,000. Now, I'm not sure what it's supposed to be, but when I've said 20,000 to people they all gasp and go "oh my!", so I figure that must be pretty high. She said whatever it was was definitely bacterial, but she couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. Every test showed negative. He was also pretty dehydrated. She said she he was sick enough on paper to be admitted, but to look at him, he was sitting up, talking and acting pretty okay, so she said she'd run some fluids and antibiotics through him in the ER and let me take him home and I should bring him back the next day for a recheck. She said she wouldn't do that for just any family, but she's seen us for the last 3 years she felt like she knew us and that I made pretty good judgment calls concerning my kids. I really appreciated the vote of confidence and did take it as a compliment, but you know, when you've had all of 4 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period, you almost kind of wish someone coherent could take over care of your sick child for awhile. But anyway. come the paramedics to start his IV. Gosh, he was so brave I still tear up when I think about it. Of course, being dehydrated, they couldn't get the IV in and had to stick him 3 times. After the first stick I told him that for every time he got poked he got a toy. Then after that came out of my mouth I thought, Oh gosh, I hope they don't end up sticking him like 10 times! His PA actually walked across the street and opened up the clinic to get him a stuffed dragon because he was doing so good. He got enough stickers to open his own sticker store and was just generally made a 5-year-old hero. After about 250cc of fluid had gone in him he started pinking up and talking more and by the time 500 were in he was asking for tater tots from the Sonic. So where do you think we went immediately upon leaving the hospital?

Today we went back for his recheck and his white count was almost back to normal and they gave him the almost all-clear. The dr said if he ran a fever any more today to keep him home another day from school and to keep other kids away from him. AND to not let my daycare kids back in the house till I have disinfected and sprayed Lysol ad nauseum. Of course, he ran a fever this afternoon of 102.5. I guess it's a good thing the daycare kids won't be here tomorrow because it'll take a full day to wash all of the sheets and blankets he's touched,bbleach any bleach-able surface and drop a Lysol bomb in the middle of it all. These are good times, I'm tellin' ya. But my baby's better and that's the most important thing.

And the doctor said that when (notice I said "when" and not "if") his sisters get it at least it won't be on a holiday weekend. That is small consolation to his exhausted mother at this point.

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