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Tuesday, September 7, 2004
Ahhh...the sweet aroma of Clorox
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The germs have left the buildling!

I spent the day cleaning. Which led to more cleaning. Which led to de-cluttering. Man, I LOVE it when I can actually get rid of stuff! This is just one example of how much I accomplished today: Paul was standing out here asking me a question when I noticed him kind of looking very strangely here into the office. I said, "And yeah, while you're out here look at my desk!" He said, "I was! I can actually see wood now!" I couldn't tell you the last time we saw the writing surface of this desk, lol. I filed today, too. I abhor filing, but by golly, I filed it all away, sorted bills (Some of which had kind of been urm, well forgotten...gotta do some damage control calling tomorrow) and even paid a bill or two. THEN as if that weren't enough...I finished going through the kids' winter clothes tonight and now all that's left to do with them is just go through them with Sis and do the hand-me-down thing. Man, talk about a day of accomplishment!

I bought a thing of those Yaffa blocks yesterday to use as "cubbies" for my daycare kids. The ones still in diapers just bring a package of diapers and wipes to leave here, rather than bring a bag every day. The ones that are potty trained leave a change of clothes here in case they get messy or have an accident. But my foyer was getting really cluttered with bags and packages and wipes containers that I decided to opt for cubbies. I bought all the kids their own little pillows, too and am going to paint their names on the cases. I was so excited to get all their stuff put up tonight but when I opened the package of Yaffa blocks (is Yaffa animal, vegetable or mineral?) it looks like someone washed my Yaffa in hot water! It's LITTLE! A mini-Yaffa, if you will. I have a set of normal sized blocks but they ended up on the carport over the summer and need to be run through the car wash to power clean the goo and grime off of them. I was planning on using them in Kady's room for toys, but now it looks like she gets the mini-Yaffa. Hope I don't need to put anything larger than Happy Meal toys in there!

Oh man the weather here is so NICE! It's downright chilly out there tonight. It's perfect stand-on-the-front-porch-and-contemplate-the-universe kind of weather. And it's almost weenie roast weather!!! Ooh we've got such a brush pile just waiting for a good chilly night...can't wait!

My brother in law and sister in law came over this morning to visit. Paul's nephew is a Senior this year and playing football. Friday's Homecoming at our alma mater, good ol' Wyandotte High. Looks like we'll be taking in our first football game this week. I go to two every year - Wyandotte's Homecoming and Homecoming at the school the kids go to. That's the extent of my football activities. And I always leave with a headache given to me by one of two possible reasons (or if I'm lucky, both): 1. I see one of my girlfriends and we spend the entire game annoying everyone around us by laughing our heads off or 2. the kids are holy terrors and their dad is too "engrossed" in the game (translation: too busy avoiding taking care of the kids) to discipline them so it's left up to me to play big bad momma. Man! I love this time of year!

I'm working on my List of 100. Some of the coolest blogs I read have their lists posted, so I decided that I, too, must have a List. All the cool kids have Lists, Mommmmmmm and it's not fair that I don't have one, too. Suzy's mom lets her have a List, Mommmmmmmm. And yes, if Suzy jumped off a cliff I would jump too, so can I just have a List?

*shakes her head* Whew...all that talk about football games and Homecoming and I think I was magically transported back to high school for a moment... fuh-reaky.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2004 - 3:09 PM CDT

Name: Jenn
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Hey miss Diva,
I had a 100 things list, and like most things in my life I never finished it!

How are the kids doing?

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