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The Ramblings of a Redneck Diva
Saturday, September 25, 2004
Mood:  party time!
Now Playing: Jeff Foxworthy's radio show, Redneck Countdown or something
I'm sitting here in my office with a container of Yoplait whipped strawberry yogurt sitting in my guts threatening to do bad, bad things to my digestive system. Or maybe I'll just puke. Either way, I'm sure I'll feel better. I'M SO NERVOUS!!!!

Well, yesterday we painted the car! She's virtually done. Done to the point that if we don't make it in today to finish it'll be fine, no one would know but us. We're going to try to make it in to finish up the flowers on the roof. Yes, I said flowers on the roof. Hey, I'm a diva, alright?

Sis and I started painting around 2 in the afternoon, it being just us and the kids and some guy we didn't know in the shop. We stayed out in the lot, the kids played in the chat and we just had an all-around good time, laughing and trying to figure out what we were going to do with the artwork. Here's the gnome:

Aint' he cute?? Sis did an awesome job, I think! I did the lettering on the sides; my name, number and of course, Rule 42. I also called a friend of ours, Jim, and asked him if we could do a little free advertising for his businesses since I didn't really have any sponsors. He was thrilled and said that even though he wasn't a "sponsor" that if I got hurt, he'd kick in on the hospital bill. What a guy. I was bound and determined to keep "Git R Done" off of my car, because that is THE catch phrase these days and EVeryone will have it on their car and I wanted to be the only one without it. Well, what did I do but leave for a couple of hours to take Sam to karate and have dinner and I come back to GIT R DONE scrawled across the back!! ARGH!! I was PISSED beyond belief. It was only my husband there and bless his heart, he got the brunt of my verbal attack. He was claiming he was innocent and what choice did I have but to believe him. Later I found out that Richie's wife, Melissa, is the one that actually painted it on my car, but it was at PAUL's bidding. Guess who went into the doghouse. Heather and I were going to try and paint over it, but we just didn't have enough of one color paint, so instead we added a little feminine flair to it:

That'll teach 'em to mess with The Diva, especially when she has PMS.

Well, when we got back from dinner we also discovered they had locked up the shop. Here it was 9pm and I still had about 2 hours worth of painting to finish! So we pushed her over under the pole light. Yep. No kidding. Paul took the kids on home (they were dirty, tired and sunburned) and Sis and I painted till 11. We had so much fun! It was definitely a memory-making experience. I also practiced getting in and out of the car, something that has worried me to death. What if I look like a dork? What if I fall? (which I am prone to doing) What if I dent in the hood? (Oh yeah, that's already been done, lol) So we decided that the best mode of entrance is to just step onto the front bumper and walk up the hood, then jump down inside. Sounds good in theory, worked well in practice, we'll see how it works tonight.

I've got a wedding to go to at 5, I will leave there as soon as they kiss and fly to the fairgrounds, change in the van, then help with the prep-work. Best in Show competition is before the derby starts and I am definitely entering! Hightower, the guy who gave me the car, was getting pretty worried that I might actually win it. He was all cocky that his would be the best (my husband painted a killer joker face on the hood for him) but he kept coming over about every 15 minutes saying, "Girl, you've got me worried now. I think I'm gonna repo the car!" Sis and I secretly think that the GIT R DONE fiasco was actually some sort of sabotage on the part of the men.... the world may never know. Last pic for ya. We had to do something to incorporate the sunroof into the theme of the car, so we painted a flower pot around it and well, just look:

Vroom vroom! I'm outta here!

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