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Monday, October 11, 2004
Mood:  incredulous
Okay, for those of you who know me fairly well you know that All My Children is my favorite soap opera. Actually it's the only soap I watch. The other ones suck. I've watched AMC since I was a grade schooler - yes we start 'em early 'round here - and remember when Tad Martin was a child. I am so damn old. ANyway, I was watching it one day last week and for the first time shook my head in redneck shame at my fine soap opera.

Commercial voice-over guy says "They're living the fantasy. Now you can, too." This line is said as shots of the glamorous women of Pine Valley are being shown in their sexiest, most glamorous outfits and giving us all the best "Come get me, baby" looks they can muster. Voice-over guys continues, "All My Children's Enchantment Perfume." Now here comes the most outrageous line I've ever heard:
"Live the fantasy at WalMart." HUH? What the-???? I love WM and all, but never once in my entire life have I ever had a fantasy of any kind involving WalMart, much less the perfume they sell there. I'm sorry, but do they really think that we're all going to run out to our local WalMart SuperCenter and grab every bottle off the shelf in some paltry attempt at making our trailer-park lives better? More glamorous? Full of adultery, murder, lots of liquor, sex sex and more sex...

Umm...sorry guys, gotta run. I just remembered a few things I needed to pick up at WalMart...

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004 - 6:05 PM CDT

Name: sychotic1
Home Page:

Advertising at its best. Of course it is no more outrageous than a middle aged bald guy who runs out and buys a penis enhancer, er, that is a BMW based on commercials with drivers doing shit you cannot (and should not) do on an open road. In tiny little text it says, "stunt driver on a closed course".

I personally like to wear imported perfume. No, no, not some expensive through the roof Parisian Poodle Perfume but some off the wall east asian import that is cheaper than shit and smells of sandalwood. I got tired of wearing perfumes that smell like everyone else's perfumes. I mean how many women do we need wearing "Charlie" or "Poison" or "Escape"?

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