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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Some pictures for y'all
Mood:  silly
Okay, this first picture is the view out my front door, right on the front porch. I consider this, David, a place of beauty around here. We have 40 acres out here, some of it pasture, but some of it wooded. Out front, right before the woods is a pond and the view that direction, no matter what season, is always spectacular. In the Summer you can see the heat shimmering, the ducks swimming and even though I'm not a fan of summer I still like the view. Spring of course, is green and the trees are full of green leaves. Fall is amazing with the trees turned all kinds of colors -it's my favorite. Although, in this picture the colors aren't that fantastic - too dry of a summer, I'm afraid. But Winter out my front window...Winter is the best. When I saw the house for the first time with the realtor, she said she had shown in during the winter once as it was starting to snow and she said it was so pretty it nearly made her cry. Now, whether it really affected her that way, I dunno. Maybe she was really just trying to sell the house, but man...that view really is something else.

The next picture is of my very favorite slippers. I am going to have an actual memorial service when they finally wear out. I'm not kidding.

And finally...a gnome.

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