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Friday, October 15, 2004
Good-bye sucks
Mood:  blue
We had dinner with John and Tiff tonight because they are moving tomorrow. I've known it was coming but it's kind of blindsided me and I'm sadder than hell tonight. Fortunately I was pretty busy today running the Mom Taxi and my mind wasn't allowed to dwell on it, but it just really is weighing on me now. I'm tired, too, and that always makes things seem worse. I know, she's not moving to the end of the earth, just an hour and a half away, but it might as well be the other side of the world. It seems so far tonight.

Tiff is 10 1/2 years younger than me and if you'd told me a year ago that I'd be BFF (That is totally a JOKE between the two of us - please don't think I'm that big of a dork.) with a girl that much younger than me I'd have called you not only a liar, but a stinkin' liar. But boom, she waltzed into my life after church one Sunday and has now found herself a happy little home here. We share the same religious views (ugh, lonnnng story), have an eerie sense of ESP with each other, laugh at each other's stupid jokes and get the really obscure ones no one else gets and just generally feel comfortable with each other. She loves my kids unconditionally, even if they do drive her bonkers sometimes and I cannot WAIT till she has some of her own so I can load them up with sugar and caffeine and send them back to her. It's what friends do. She loves me so much she brought her dressed-up butt to the demolition derby, not even knowing what one WAS, to video it for me. She makes fun of me when I do stupid stuff to "lose all my coolness points" but not in a mean way, just a "oh girlfriend you are such a nerd" kind of way. She also reminds me that some of the words I use are on loan from the 80's and they would probably like them back - and soon. She's listened to me vent, rant and whine and I've done the same for her.

Good friends are hard to come by. I am so blessed to have a mom and sister who go far beyond the definition of friend and wouldn't trade them for anything, but ya know, I was born into their lives. Tiff took me on voluntarily, lol.

Tiff, when you read this - and you know you will because you secretly read my blog and you just won't admit it - I love you, sis, with all my heart and I thank God for you every day. Now, go make some babies, girl!!!! Aunt Kiki is just itchin' for more kids to spoil rotten!

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