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Sunday, October 17, 2004
I have no clue what to title this. I'm too tired to think.
Mood:  not sure
We were up late last night with the whole deer adventure. Actually at about 11:30 I was in bed, tired of waiting on husband to finish his deer-hanging. I think he came to bed well after midnight. Dummy. We actually slept till nearly 8 this morning, which is pretty late for us. I guess Sam, the only person in the family who gets up as early as I do, woke up earlier than that, but bless his heart, he got some books and read them in his room. What a kid.

Normally on his day off, husband won't drag his rear outta bed till at least 10. MUST BE NICE. Anyway, he got up when I did at 7:45. I was shocked. I said, "What in the world are YOU doing up now?" OOh friends and neighbors, he was all kinds of on fire, getting dressed and all that in a hurry. He stopped in the middle of his flurry and said, "Well, my gosh woman, I have to take the deer to the processor!" like I was the stupidest person to ever draw breath. See where the motivation lies? I won't get started. Grrrrr...

We went to Wyandotte for the 4x4 rally, scoring some really cool t-shirts for the 5 of us
and getting to see some awesome 4x4 action. We started out at the top of the hill and walked allllll the way down it to see some serious Jeep vertical climbing. Wow, those guys are crazy! It was virtually a completely vertical climb and they were going at it like they were on fire. Some had to wench it up, but they were still impressive. I guess we just missed getting to see a complete roll-over down the climb. Darn that luck. Sam was totally at home, sitting there watching and cheering absolutely mesmerized. Kady was tired and could've cared less about it. Abby was so not impressed it was pathetic. She was hot, she was dusty, it was loud, she was tired, she didn't want to walk up the hill, she wanted to sit down, she had a spider on her, she didn't like trees...OH MY GOSH she was a brat. But walk up that hill we did and she griped the entire time.

We drove out to the Tough Truck track (which they were still building when we got there) loading about 6 or 7 kids and about 8 adults into our truck cab and bed to drive clear into the deep, dark middle of BFE. I started out sitting on the side of the bed, but one big bump and I could envision myself being strapped to a backboard, dying not of injuries but of mortification, so I slid down into the bed, parking my butt right over a big ol' dried deer blood stain. Mmm hmm...these are good times. We watched some cool truck running today and saw a really good roll-over. The only bad thing about the roll-over was that his little boy was watching and it nearly freaked the kid out, bless his heart. Prime reason my kids will never see me drive derby. Anyway, we choked on some massive amounts of dust before it was all over, but man was it fun. I got to meet Dewayne, the owner of the Bunker and all things D-Day, and after we talked awhile he said, "Ohhh so you're the one that just drove in a demo derby not too long ago, right? Girl, I heard you did a damn good job and kicked some serious ass!" Ahh, my fans preceded me.

I saw my very first mud-run today, too. Talk about insanity at it's finest. An enormous pit full of mud and you voluntarily drive your 4WD through it. This is something I could get into. I want to do an ATV mud run and I guarantee you right here and now if they bring one to Miami again I WILL run our 4-wheeler in it. The kids enjoyed watching the mud runs and we got slung with mud more than once. Silly people watching, though...they all had mud on their backs because when the trucks would go by they'd all turn around. Man, not me! If I'm going to stand out here to watch a mud run, by golly I'm WATCHING the mud run! I have mud all over my front side, in my hair and had it on my face and glasses. Yeah, buddy. Kady got a big ol' glob smacked onto her forehead. She crinkled up her nose, looked at me and said, "Ooh Momma, me got mud on me fow-head! Get it AWF!!" Ahh, she has so much to learn. Abby of course squealed and ran. Sam wanted more, lol.

Upon hearing me relate this story, my friend Trishia told me that she was now officially concerned about me. She said, "Kristin, my friend...dirt? On your body? And you're okay with that? I remember a time when dirt was the enemy. What. Has. Happened. To. You. Girl?"

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Thursday, October 21, 2004 - 5:41 PM CDT

Name: methinksgreen

Mike was there. That was one of the things he did with his friend that seemed totally fun. And he left me home to do laundry all day. SonofaBITCH!

Thursday, October 21, 2004 - 5:42 PM CDT

Name: methinksgreen

Did I mention that I was pissed?

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