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Monday, October 18, 2004
Dental Drama
Mood:  suave
Today while I was in town I got a call from the kids' dentist. Abby is supposed to get her headgear installed on Wednesday and she's on "Pre-Op Med" alert at the dentist's office. When she was 5, the PA noticed several times in a row that she had a funny sound in her heart. Not really a murmur but a "click". After hearing it consistently she referred us on to a pediatric cardiologist. You wanna talk about scary. I'm a little neurotic anyway when it comes to actually being referred out of the cozy little doctor's office you're comfortable with and into the exam room of a specialist you know nothing of, only that he comes highly regarded in "your situation". Well, sure enough, she had a click alright. The aortic valve in the heart is supposed to have 3 little flaps that open when the blood is whooshing through, making it look somewhat like a peace symbol

(Pardon the crappy illlustrations, lol)

In Abby's case, two of the flaps were stuck together making it a "bi-cuspid" valve instead of "tri-cuspid" as it should've been. Like this:

So the diagnosis was that her heart was healthy, per se, just a little different. We told her she had a "special" heart and she was completely fine with that. In fact, she has used it several times in arguments with her brother, shouting "Yeah, well I've got a special heart and you don't!" The only thing we had to do regarding her condition was to make sure she had pre-op or pre-procedure antibiotics before any kind of "dirty" procedure, ie dental work, because she was at risk of Bacterial Endocarditis. Wow. All of the sudden I was aware that there was bacteria out to attack my daughter's special heart! I was pregnant at the time, so I was a little on edge, k? :-)

So a year later we took her back to the cardiologist and boom, we have a normal heart. It was spontaneously healed. An ultrasound of the heart laid it all right out there - it was completely normal. She was clearly disappointed at the knowlege, though. She wanted that "special heart", doggonit. But when we told her that God had healed her, well, that brought on more pride and uniqueness. The doctor wanted to go ahead and
keep her on pre-op meds for another 2 years when she would then see her again to re-check the valve. This hasn't been a big issue, we just inform the dentist and they write her a scrip for a bunch of amoxicillin and she has dental work then throws up the antibiotics later. It's grand fun, lemme tell ya.

Today, though, I get the call and they tell me that they might not even be able to fit her for her bands and install the headgear. Period. Holy crap, we're discovering this 2 days before we're scheduled to have it done???? But thankfully, the cardiologist gave her the all-clear and on Wednesday she will get her 1000mg of amoxicillin on the way to Tulsa, she will get her bands fit and walk out in a headgear, then she will undoubtedly throw up on the way home.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - 12:12 PM CDT

Name: Jules
Home Page:

That's amazing that her "special heart" healed itself. What a miracle.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - 1:47 PM CDT

Name: vadergrrrl
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Eeek. Headgear. Brings back horrible memories of drinking fountains and junior high.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - 2:36 PM CDT

Name: sychotic1

As they get older, they throw up less and less. I used to call my son the "barf bag" but he got braces on and off without a hitch.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - 2:58 PM CDT

Name: Babs
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Truly amazing story.

I had to have braces as an adult and I just lived in fear of having to wear a headgear. I mean as a child it is bad enough, but as an adult!?! Luckily I was able to bypass the headgear. Will she have to wear it full time or just at night?

Look on the bright side . . . . at least you know when to expect the barf and can make all the necessary preparations and precautions!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - 5:32 PM CDT

Name: Monkey
Home Page:

That's amazing stuff!
I'm glad her heart healed itself - that is truly amazing - I wonder - do the valves just get a little sticky and eventually unstick themselves? And what's even cooler is that the doctor actually HEARD the clicking! Lots of people make noise or chit-chat while doctors are listening to our kids - that's exactly why I DON'T - they need to be able to hear even a faint clicking sound!
What an amazing story!

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