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Thursday, October 21, 2004
Dental Drama, Part Deux
Mood:  incredulous
Well, we came home from Tulsa yesterday with no headgear. All they did was fit her bands, not actually install them. I was more than a little put out about this, lemme tell ya. When they did all of Sam's pre-appliance preparations they did it all in one day. They did x-rays, impressions and fit his bands all at once. THEN called us back for the installing.But oh noooo, not Abby, heavens no...they had to make us divide it up into TWO appointments! Have you SEEN the price of gas lately? It took half a tank of gas to go there and back yesterday, thereby using up nearly $25 in gas. And it wasn't that I just misunderstood either. The receptionist was under the same impression I was. We were both miffed when I checked out. She apologized all over the place and I really did appreciate that, even though it wasn't technically her fault.

Of course, Ab was thrilled that she didn't get it because her slumber party is tomorrow night and she didn't want to have to wear it for that. Plus Halloween is next week and she was worried I'd make her wear it in public, although I've SWORN to her I would never do that. Anyway, I was pissed, she was thrilled. Which seems to be how the two of us operate lately: she's one extreme, I'm the other. Can you imagine how it's going to be when she's a teenager?

Did anyone ever find any 55-gallon drums of Calgon??

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Thursday, October 21, 2004 - 10:49 AM CDT

Name: Monkey
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Man - that DOES suck she didn't get it all done that day. Well - as you point out she doesn't mind - but still - that's balony!

Friday, October 22, 2004 - 4:18 PM CDT

Name: Sychotic1

My son had braces and I told him over and over again, "Take care of those teeth boy, they are the most expensive thing you are going to own for a loooong time!"

I wore braces for 3.5 years and I am still glad I did it.

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