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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
I smell a smell
Mood:  smelly

I will go insane if I don't find the origin of the smell! The smell is bad. The smell is offensive. The smell is embarrassing!

Husband took out the trashes this morning. The smell remained.

Sis and I pulled the refrigerator out away from the wall this afternoon and I mopped and Lysol-ed behind it. The smell is still here!

I have cleaned ad nauseum, doing things that I just don't normally do when I clean. WHERE IS THE FREAKING SMELL COMING FROM?????

I'm thinking it's a dead mouse that's hidden somewhere. We've run all the traps and there's no decaying critter on any of them. The smell is somewhere in the vicinity of my cabinets on my kitchen's north wall, so I'm thinking it's under the dishwasher or under the sink, like under under the sink.


I hate the smell.

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