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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
High drama
It's only Wednesday!?

Monday morning Sis went to work like normal and got fired. We are all still reeling from it, completely confused and more than a little upset. The actual term used was "insubordination", but Sis is fighting it. I'm not going to say more than that. Big Brother might be watching, lol. It just been a very trying and a very emotional week. I had Mom and Sis and the kids out for dinner Monday night just to talk things over, let everyone vent and just be together and support each other. I'm a "fixer" by nature and it pains me to no end to not be able to help either one of them and make it better. Later in the evening Sis' friend (and mine too) Melissa, came out and we ended up going out to the casino awhile after the kids went to bed. Paul let me go without a word. I think he knew I needed to be with Sis and we all needed a diversion.

Yesterday was fairly uneventful EXCEPT that my son has been through a trauma. He seems no worse for the wear, but still it's distressing when a parent hears that her not quite 6 year old son is being dare I say it - sexually harassed in the school bathroom. Yes, I dared say it. Several boys were making fun of his penis and laughing and telling him it was small. WTF??? They're 5 and 6 - they ALL have small penises! I was nauseated, literally nauseated, when he told me. He's been having nightmares the last week or so and finally yesterday morning I got it out of him that that was what was going on. I sent a note with him for the teacher to call me when she had time. Thankfully we have 2 really great teachers in his grade at our school and they got on it immediately. They had a talk with everyone about not belittling other people, much less their private parts and she told me she felt things were resolved, the boys didn't know what they were saying was really bad wrong and they felt bad they had hurt his feelings, but that if I hear of it happening again they will take more drastic action. I hate to be labelled as "one of those parents" who complains about every little thing - and the teacher assured me I was justified in my concern - but my gosh...these are young boys, 5 and 6 year olds. Where are they learning such cruel bahavior? And such private behavior?? My sister said it was probably some redneck dad or older brother spouting his mouth off about someone's size and their manliness. Bullcrap. Kids're like little sponges.

Today was okay really. Except for the SMELL. But no one got fired or harassed, so the smell I guess is pretty trivial. I don't like it, but it's not deadly. Yet.

Kady did get her flu shot today. We couldn't get it at her regular PA's office, but we got one at the Health Department. They had a limited supply, but we got one. Because of her age she only got a half dose and is supposed to get the other half in a month, but they're not sure they'll have any. Same thing happened last year and she was fine so if she doesn't get one I'm not going to freak.

It's too cloudy and rainy to see the eclipse tonight. What a bummer. The last time there was a lunar eclipse I woke Ab up at midnight to see it. I had her bundled up and carried her outside. She lifted her head off my shoulder, looked at it and said, "Yeah, great. Now could you put me back in my bed?" Hey, I tried.

I just had a wonderful conversation on Yahoo with my BFF - Tiffany!!! We are both trying so hard to not call each other multiple times a day and running up our phone bills, but it's hard!! Tonight she downloaded messenger and we had a great conversation, making fun of our husbands, just like we do in real life! Gotta love the 'net.

Well, I'm going to go take off my eye makeup and then rub my eyes. There are few things better than that - taking off all the goop and then rubbing your eyes till you see the greenish glowing floaty things. To quote everyone's favorite inmate "It's a good thing."

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Thursday, October 28, 2004 - 7:46 AM CDT

Name: Jessica


So sorry to hear about your rough week! I hope all works out with your sister and her job... and as far as the incident with your son, don't think you are "overreacting" by any means. As mothers it is our duty to protect our children from crap like that! I would have been horrified if my son came home telling me that happened to him. Of course, he is only beginning to realize that he HAS a penis, let alone to be teased about it, LOL! I hope the rest of your week gets better...hope you find and DESTROY the smell! Keep your chin up!

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