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Saturday, October 30, 2004
Friday! Friday! Friday!
Yesterday was absolutely whirlwind, but it was SUCH a good day! Some days are hectic and really crappy, but some are hectic and really really good.

It started off with me getting to lie on the couch and sleep for about 45 minutes after the kids got on the bus. Kady was happy watching TV and I was happy snoozing. I had actually set the alarm for an hour, but the phone woke me up early. Still it was nice to just doze awhile. The phone call was Trishia, telling me that the teacher next door to her (who I sort of knew, but not really, since I'd subbed for her a few times last year) was desperate for a sitter on Monday and Tuesday. Well, being the opportunist I am, I said sure thinking what's two days? It's an extra $30 is what it is, lol. Then as the conversation progressed she told me that it could be Mondays and Tuesdays for a few months. Eh, wasn't real excited about that, but it is only two days a week, teacher's hours and temporary. I told her I would and to have the woman call me. She hasn't yet, so we'll see if it pans out. So then I just got around, got ready, gathered stuff for the kids' costumes and stuff for the parties. Chandler got here around 9:30, I got the costumes on the kids (I had planned on leaving them in regular clothes all day, but I figured heck might as get as much wear as possible out of those costumes, right?)and out the door we headed.

I was kind of getting stressed at that point, thinking of all the things I needed to get done and wasn't sure where'd I fit them all in. But I just tried to concentrate on having a good day and let it all go. I made a quick stop at the Friendship House and was really disappointed to find the scarves sadly picked over. Last week they had TONS but I waited thinking I'd find some I liked better. That'll teach me. I grabbed two- one white, one blue- paid my $1.17 and off we ran again. Then we went to WalMart, of course, can't go to town without going there, lol. I picked up the black hair spray for Sam, extra vampire makeup because I wasn't sure just how much of it I'd use at school and knew we had another day of dress-up to go (turns out I didn't need it but oh well), a few groceries and a dozen donuts for Sam's party. Bleh, donuts for kindergarteners? I was perplexed with that one - what happened to cupcakes or cookies?? After WalMart we headed straight home so I could feed the kids lunch, load up the party stuff, gather the karaoke machine (Courtney borrowed it for a party she's going to tonight), and managed to throw in an argument with Kady. Ah, that kid...

We got to the school during the last of Sam's class' rest time, so I took that opportunity to take the party stuff to Ab's room in the next building, give her her costume and then ran back to Sam's building. I hadn't even practiced with his makeup, so I was really unsure what I was doing. OH WOW, he looked GREAT! There was a toothless, stinky redneck couple (bless their hearts, but they were distracting!) sitting there with me in the hall giving me a running commentary and assaulting my olfactory senses, so I'm thinking that today while I'm in my own home I can do an even better job, lol. The hairspray was a little blotchy, but I was trying to keep it low-key and not spray the tables, floor and anybody walking by. Today I'm standing him on the carport with a towel around his and spraying the heck outta him. His makeup looked freaky cool and Courtney said that on the parade he got tons of compliments and she heard a bunch of "Wow, someone's mom is a good makeup artist". Amazing what that $1.84 vampire makeup from WM can do. My plan was to make a short appearance at Sam's party, but since I was the one in charge of Ab's it just didn't happen. It was kind of hectic over there with 19 7/8 year olds squealing, playing pranks, hugging me and trying to kidnap my two youngest wards. Actually I really didn't have to pay too much attention to KD and Chan because between Ab and two other little mothering girls they were occupied and taken care of. I'd look around every now and then, eyeball the red-headed duck hunter and the cheerleader with sausage curl dogears and go back to the party. Abby looked great in her gypsy costume, complete with dramatic makeup and lots of jewelry. The scarf I wasn't so happy with, but it was my fault we got a crappy one. I'm not done yet, though - I may find some other fabric to wrap around her head today, lol. KD and Chan ate their weights in cotton candy pilfered from Ab's classmates, drank more strawberry pop than should be allowed by law and made out like bandits in the candy department. They were so well-behaved and I didn't regret taking Chan on the extra day - I knew he'd like the party. When Ab's party had wound down I finally got a chance to gather up stuff and children and make it back over to Sam's room. There were like 3 kids left in the room and I was sure he'd be really disappointed in me having not shown up, but I think he had had a great time being the scariest looking vampire in the room. He loves that attention. Wonder who he gets that from..... I took a few moments to secretly loathe Courtney for wearing the cheerleading uniform she wore in high school. Agh, I can wear a pair of earrings I wore in high school, but that's about it. I guess I should be happy for her. *gag*

We left the school and drove to town to get Ab's glasses fixed for the second week in a row. The same nosepiece keeps falling off, screw and all. They said if it happens again we'll just order new frames because there is something obviously wrong with those. I left Sam in the car with the babies, who had fallen either asleep or into diabetic comas at that point and standing inside the office, looking out at my boy sitting in the driver's seat waiting on us, he looked just like Eddie Munster!! ROFL I was laughing and commenting on it and (of course, Ab's going "Who's Eddie Munster") a man waiting looked out and said "Oh my gosh, he does!" Pretty cute. So then we drove out to WM so I could bum money off the husband (who said no, btw, the jerk) and showed Ab and Sam off to a couple of the techs in the shop. Then we stopped at the bank to cash a check I really had intended on depositing, but since butthead wouldn't give any up, I had to make do. Then I drove downtown to meet Chan's daddy so they could get haircuts. I was early so I took the time to clean out the van. It's still a mess, but now it's an organized mess. I've gotta get out there and really clean it out so I'll have room for all the candy we're going to acquire tonight. (High hopes, it doesn't hurt, lol) So then after we dropped off Chandler we still had 45 minutes till karate, so the kids and I ran into WM yet again, to find tooth-black for Sis and I, since we decided to dress up. They don't sell tooth-black! Probably some kid choked on a microscopic piece one year and they took it off the market. That was a dry run. Then it was off to karate. I had wiped off all of Sam's makeup but his hair was still dark. Sensei didn't recognize him and that cracked Sam up. Then after karate we ran through McD's - okay I say "ran through". Running through at a snail's pace, more like it. I guess everyone was in the mood for McFood. While waiting, I heard a weather bulletin on the radio that said we were under a tornado watch till 10 and the storms were severe. I called Heather (who was 5 cars behind me) to tell her. She said we should wait awhile longer to make a decision on the football game, (the girls were supposed to cheer) but it was lookin' pretty bad and I wasn't sure we needed to wait. I was pretty much convinced. By the time I got to the other end of town I called Mom and told her I wasn't going. I wasn't sure what Sis was gonna do, but the Hoov's weren't going. We drove home in a torrential downpour, punctuated by the occasional cloud-to-ground lightning and gale-force winds. Yikes. Paul was waiting for us on the carport to help unload and we were home for the night.

Something weird happened when we'd been home about 30 minutes. Abby got a phone call. Yes, that would be my 8 year old. It was a girl in her class. She had a shocked look on her face that I'm sure just mirrored the shocked one on my face. It was still storming at that point and Cheyenne said she was going to the game. I told Ab that more than likely she really wasn't and maybe she just thought her parents were still taking her. Well, by 7:30 when the game started, the storm had pretty much passed but there was still lightning. We just weren't going out in that. So by 8 the kids were in bed. I had no sooner turned out Ab's light when the phone rang for her again. It was Cheyenne telling her she was at the game and why wasn't Ab there. Ohhh poor Abby! She just hung up, handed me the phone and said with a deadpan look on her face, "Mom, they're having the game." My heart hit my toes. She just laid down and didn't say another word. I started to just walk out and leave it but I couldn't. I sat down on her bed and she jumped up and threw her arms around my neck, crying. I said, "Sweetie, your daddy and I just feel like it's still too dangerous to sit at a football game in the lightning. I know you're disappointed, but I really don't want to get electrocuted!" She giggled a little and I said I was sorry. She sniffed and said that it was really okay, she understood and could she please go to camp again next year. You betcha, you old-souled little angel, would you like a new car, too? Ah, parental guilt- there's nothing like it.

Paul and I watched a show on a haunted town in Kansas, had a discussion on ghosts, demons and their existence. He doesn't believe in anything but angels. I think that's pretty closed-minded. I mean, God's got his helpers, you know Satan has his, too. Some say that "ghosts" are nothing more than demons - even the nice ones - and they are just out to torment, confuse and plague people. I'm not sure about this one. My upbringing in the Southern Baptist church battles with my tendency to wonder beyond what's taught in Sunday School. I just know I think Halloween's one of the coolest dang holidays ever! I love that spooky stuff.

Well, I gotta go...I've gotta get around and then go clean out that darn van. Bleh.

I'll be posting pics of all of us in costume so be sure to check back!

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Monday, November 1, 2004 - 6:34 PM CST

Name: Derek
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Ghosts is REAL! If someone feels otherwise, they should stay a night in Gettysburg, PA...

Tuesday, November 2, 2004 - 2:41 PM CST

Name: Sychotic1
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Sounds like a lot of fun. My son is now too old for the big Hallowe'en doings, and with it being my favorite holiday and all, I do miss it.

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