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The Ramblings of a Redneck Diva
Monday, November 15, 2004
Mood:  energetic
Ooh yesterday I drove a tractor for the very first time! Let me just say it was rather anticlimactic seeing as how the stupid thing didn't go over like 3 miles an hour. OH. MY. GOSH. I always wondered why my grandpa was gone from dawn till dusk and was always so busy and behind schedule. Well, now I know. It's because he drove a TRACTOR!! Good heavens, I like the simple country life I'm livin' and all, but for goodness sake, give me something that actually moves, please. I kept shouting over my shoulder at husband, "Can I make it go faster? Can you PUSH it or something?? Good God in heaven, I am going to fall asleep here!" I like the four-wheeler much better. I can get 'er goin' up to like a whole 27 mph and feel the wind in my hair and do donuts and peel out and stuff. It's very empowering. But as I drove the tractor the only thing I felt was sleepy and logey. A ladybug even lit on me. Actually a better way to put it is that the ladybug had time to fly around my head like 4 times before it decided to land on me and then could actually walk all over me at her leisure. If I'd been on the 4-wheeler she'd have been wing-less in about 1.3 seconds. Yeah, baby.

We spent all afternoon cutting, loading and stacking wood yesterday. It was really a very nice day. Paul has been working a really crappy schedule, lots of closing shifts, so the kids don't see him much. And I couldn't convince him to actually stay in and spend time with them, so we just went to where he was outside. I think it kinda pissed him off when he saw me walk outside in my wind pants, tennis shoes, hoodie and 'do rag, all fired up to haul wood like some city-girl who got lost in the country and was tired of playing video games and talking on her cell phone and thought wood-hauling might be kinda, ya know, fun. He shook his head and grumbled that he didn't need any help. "Oh I'm sorry, dear, did I ask?? That's right, big boy, now go play with the chainsaw, I'm going to take care of this woodpile. Oh and did I mention that the kids are going to help, too? What? Why are the veins all sticking out on my forehead like that?"

We really did have a good time and he was kinda fun once he realized we weren't leaving. The dog kept sniffing around the wood pile and I knew there was a critter of some sort in there, it was just a matter of getting down to where we'd scare it out. Sure enough, little fat grey mousie came running at me, fangs bared, snarling and squeaking. My life flashed before my very eyes. Okay, so really it just scurried under another log when I screamed loud enough to make husband shut off the chainsaw. The then kids got all excited and grabbed little logs and started whacking around on the wood pile, trying to drive it out. Much merry-making and jubilance was occuring and husband had no choice but to join in.

We wore the kids out and I decided to give them a break and took them on a 4-wheeler ride. I was kinda antsy after having to drive that tractor a few times. I needed speed! So we rode down the neighbors' and visited with them awhile. Our dog's been thieving things from their porch and carport so I wanted to kind of smooth things over there.

Poor Kady fell asleep in her PB&J last night at the table, so I woke her up and tried to get her moving again because she really needed a shower, but lo and behold I turned around once and she was asleep at my feet on the kitchen floor. They were all 3 pretty worn out and so was I.

They did earn some money yesterday for their efforts and get to take their earnings to the Book Fair at school tomorrow evening. They're pretty excited about that. If only they sold some racy, sensual, love stories at the book fair for the harried moms bringing in herds of children... Eh, no matter really. I didn't get paid for my work yesterday.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004 - 6:00 PM CST

Name: methinksgreen

Hey, I was going to send you an email but I forgot and logged out of yahoo. And, being the lazy bum I am, didn't want to log back in to send one. So, here's my email, right here on your blog, which I didn't even have the time to read! How pathetic! I did browse through and read a few things. I have 3 minutes left of my internet time on this computer, so I'd better make it quick!
Things going okay? They are going better here. Long story. I'll talk to you later. Take care.

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