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Saturday, November 20, 2004
Mood:  don't ask
Okay, friend Sychotic asked a question that deserves to be answered: "Did you both discuss this or did he just come home with the new truck?"

Well, funny thing about dear husband...he doesn't give a rip about what I think. My opinions don't count. ESPECIALLY when his mother's been brought into the picture. Now, don't get me wrong, I love his mom and she's a great woman, has done a lot for us, etc. BUT my husband is the youngest of 3 boys and he is a definite momma's boy. If I can keep him from calling his mother we can actually discuss and decide things as a couple. But if mother in law is called in, it's all over, I am officially kicked out of the treehouse.

Wednesday when we finished our errands in town he asked me to drive out to the Chrysler dealership. He's been looking, wanting, drooling, but we really couldn't do anything till like March, at least. But ohhhh, my husband is a car salesman's dream and the man is probably a shitty poker player, too. He cannot keep his emotions and facial expressions in check. Hell, just his body language is enough to make a salesman start planning the kill. Anyway, the 05's are like $45,000 and I was absolutely furious to be even looking at them. Then the crafty, evil salesman tells him he's got a repo that was "just brought in yesterday" (as they always are. was probably only driven by a little ol' lady to and from church on sundays, too) and boy, it was a honey and a good price, etc. The sales guy had stopped even talking to me at this point because he was getting no response from me, whatsoever. Husband, however, had little red hearts shooting from his eyes. *retch* We ended up leaving the lot when I pried his fingers from the bumper of the pickup and told him we had to get home to get the kids off the bus.

All the way home I could hear the hamster wheel in his head a creakin' and turnin'. Sure enough...we walked in the door and he called his momma. She met him here at the house and they drove in together to look at the truck. All this, while I was getting things ready for his son's 6th birthday party. Yep...he was skipping out on the party to go look at a truck. Am I painting a picture of a selfish SOB right now? Good, I hope so. He was an hour late for the party. Thankfully, Sam was so busy and excited with the party itself he didn't notice. Which is good, yeah...but really sad that he's pretty used to his wishy-washy father.

The next morning we drove into the dealership, he and I, and we signed the papers. Now, I could've been a bitch deluxe and refused, but people...I have been married to this man for nearly 12 years. I know what it's like when he doesn't get his way. I frankly, don't like living with him when that happens because it makes my life and kids' lives living hell. I realize, this perpetuates the cycle, he's like a spoiled kid testing their parent. But what are you gonna do? I'm not going to live my life like that. Yes, I'm making it worse, yes I'm pretty much giving him permission to walk all over me, yes he's overextending us beyond belief, but I can't stand up to him. I just can't.

I am so whining right now, I realize this.

Is it wrong to want to shake your spouse until his teeth rattle?

The Diva has spoken at 10:46 AM CST

Tuesday, November 23, 2004 - 4:31 PM CST

Name: Sychotic1

No, its not.

I won't give relationship advice as mine pretty much, well, suck, so I have zero room to talk.

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