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Saturday, November 20, 2004
Where was I?
Mood:  quizzical
Courtesy of Lachlan, I decided to put this list up and test my memory a little.

Where were you on these historical dates?

1) ...John F. Kennedy was shot? (11/22/1963) My Mom was 11, Dad was 12.
2) ...Mt. St. Helen's blew? (5/18/1980) I was 7 and don't remember much about it. We talked about it a little at home, but it wasn't mentioned much at school. I mean, in first grade they tried to keep it pretty low key.
3) ...the Challenger exploded? (1/28/1986) I was in 7th grade math, Mr. Spencer's class. They wheeled a TV into our room and we watched the news play it over and over again. I remember the room being full of gasps when they told us and the silence as we watched it. It was my mom's birthday.
4)...the Berlin Wall Fell? (11/07/1989) Good heavens, I was a Junior in high school, you think I'd have been a little more up on what was going on around me then. I think I remember it being on the news that night, but it really didn't impact me the way I guess it should've.
5) ... the Gulf War began? (01/16/1991) I was a Senior in high school, it was right before my 18th birthday. I don't remember feeling scared, trepiditious or anything like that. I was filled with the patriotism of a teenager bordering on adulthood and I remember hearing God Bless the USA about 40 times a day.
6) ... OJ Simpson was chased in his White Bronco? (06/17/1994) I had been married a little over a year, was pregnant (although I'm not sure if I even knew yet) and don't remember the actual chase. I saw it on the 10 o'clock news later that night, but it was pretty much a big bleh for me.
7) ... the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed? (04/19/1995) Being an Okie, this is one I remember all too well. They pre-empted Regis and Kathie Lee and I was pissed off when I saw the news breaking in. Then the shock hit like a lead weight swinging in from nowhere. I was running a home daycare at the time, had a house full of kids and sat with little Audra (who is now 12) in my lap and cried like a baby. I finally sent her back to play because I was freaking her out with all the tears. I called my mother at work, crying, and spent the rest of her work day calling her to give her updates. That was a very grim time for me. We had just lost our first baby 6 months prior and to hear about all those was bad.
8)...Princess Di was killed? (08/31/1997) I haven't a clue. I had a 10 month old baby and if memory serves me correctly I had just undergone surgery to remove a kidney stone. Princess Di was wayyyy down on the list for me.
9) ... terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center? (09/11/2001) I was pregnant with Kady and was sick with pharyngitis, otitis and sinusitis. (It was the -itis trifecta) I was in the recliner, curled up in a blanket, feeling pretty sorry for myself. The kids were watching Blue's Clues. My mother called me and told that something bad had happened in NYC and to turn on the news. Then my sister called me when the second plane hit. Ab was 5 and the first thing she said when she saw NYC on TV was "Oh no! Momma! That's where Benn is!" My cousin lives there and she knew that. She was terrified. I spent the next 3 days glued to the TV, crying and neglecting my children until one morning my phone rang at 7, my mom was on the other end telling me to turn off the damn TV, go take a shower and take my kids and myself somewhere away from any news for the day. Best advice she could've given me. I was obsessing.
10) ... the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated during re-entry over Texas? (02/01/2003) I was here at home and they broke in on my TV show to say that it had happened. I don't remember much about it other than that.

Anyone noticed I watch an awful lot of TV?

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Updated: Saturday, November 20, 2004 10:15 PM CST

Wednesday, December 1, 2004 - 2:30 PM CST

Name: methinksgreen

#1. I was a twinkle in my Dad's eye. He was 18 and Mom was 16.
#2. I remember watching it on the news at night and my sister talking about it a lot because she knew someone who lived near there.
#3. I was in 7th grade (naturally, since you were, too) Science class with Mr. Barr and Mrs. Morris wheeled in a TV and we watched in stunned silence. Sign of the times, each classroom probably has it's own TV these days, not to mention computers.
#4. I did a report about it in Mr. Baldwin's Government class. Did lots of research through magazines and newspapers. The Internet would have really been handy back then.
#5. I watched a lot of it on T.V worrying about my cousin Sammy Dale because he was there. I remember when SNL finally came back on the air after several weeks of non stop War coverage. Wayne and Garth did their own little "Gulf War vocab quiz". It was hard to be able to be funny during something so serious.
#6. Me and Mike laughed about it when we heard about it on the radio. We didn't watch too much about the chase or even the trial. I did watch the verdict down at the garage with my Dad, Uncle Mutt and Roy and was so surprised, yet not surprised at all that he was found not guilty.
#7. I was cleaning house when Christy Wyland called me from the beauty shop and told me that a federal building in OKC was bombed and to turn on the TV. I did then went over to the shop and watched the little TV over there with Christy. Very sad.
#8. I heard on the radio on Saturday night that she was in an accident. Then on Sunday morning my pastor's wife said "I guess you all heard that Princess Di was killed last night" It was like a shock through me. I knew she'd been in a car wreck but had no idea that she'd been killed.
#9. Julie was watching a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie when Mike called me from the Tulsa International Airport. I immediately turned the VCR off and watched NBC and watched as the second plane hit. Then later watched as both buildings colapsed. Mike said that they sat by the little radio for hours at work while the air around them was eerily silent as no planes took off or landed. He said that as soon as it happened several stelths took off at once and were out of sight in seconds. That was the last plane they saw there the rest of the day. Mike was working on the car rental place at the airport at the time.
#10. I was watching the footage at the beauty shop and cried at the thought of them being so close to earth yet so far. And for their poor families. Then some nut job called and somehow got through to be on air and said that there were parts of the wreckage in his back yard. They had him on the air on national TV when he made the crude remark that he found eyeballs and false teeth or something like that. They immediately took him off the air.

I guess I watch quite a bit of TV myself.

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