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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Do you eat beans?
Mood:  hungry
I'm not sure if anyone else ever watched them besides my sister and I (and we were both insanely addicted to them even though we were 16 and 19 at the time), but the title line is from an episode of The Animaniacs. It was mall surveyors standing there with clipboards asking "Do you eat beans? Do you like George Wendt? Do you eat beans with George Wendt? Do you like movies? Would you like to see a new movie about George Wendt eating beans?" etc. through the whole bit and OH GOSH it was funny. To this day we will still from time to time spontaneously say at the same time "Do you eat beans?" Hey, it's funny to us.

Anyway, the whole bean reference is because I'm making a big ol' pot of brown beans and ham. I made cornbread this morning and if I can keep my paws out of the pan we'll have it with the beans tonight for dinner. Along with fried potatoes and onions...oh the drool. My only current day care mom, Jill, is taking home half of the beans. You know, it's just not possible to make a "few" beans. You just can't. You either make a big-ass stock pot full of 'em or you don't make 'em at all.

Jill is a 40-hour-a-week working Mom AND she's hosting T'giving dinner at her house tomorrow, so I decided I'd share the (farts) love and send her home with beans and cornbread for dinner tonight. She was so appreciative! And that makes me like giving beans and cornbread even more. And really, not just beans and cornbread. I just like giving period. Not necessarily money, because frankly, I never have any of that (as the not-so-friendly folks at Sears National Bank are going to find out when I finally answer my phone and I tell them that yes, I know I'm 2 months behind on my credit card payment and no, I don't rightly know when I'm going to have the money to pay them and yes, I realize that they can turn me over to collections and yes, it concerns me, but hey, my hands are kinda tied here folks. It's that whole blood out of a turnip thing.), but I just like giving. I'm not bragging, tooting my horn (oh but the beans...the beans will bring about much tooting) or anything like that - I just like to give. Nothing makes me happier than to know I've helped someone out, blessed them in some way and surprised to heck outta them by going out of my way. Like making dinner for someone then just dropping it by out of the blue. That one's a classic. And like me giving Chandler a bath on Jill's late nights because she gets him home at 8pm and that's nearly his bedtime and she should at least get to spend some non-stressed time with him while he's awake. That tickles her to death and it makes me deliriously happy to know I helped her out.

I don't do it because I need her to think I'm the all surpreme best babysitter ever, I do it because I'd like to think that one of these days if I'm in need someone's going to help me and because there have been times in my life that I have been in need and someone has helped me. It's a pay it back/pay it forward thing. I figure my karma needs all the help it can get, what with all the mouse-killing that occurs in my house these days. And don't forget the cute, fluffy kitten-killing that I'm quite sure I did at some point in a previous life.

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