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The Ramblings of a Redneck Diva
Thursday, December 16, 2004
Mood:  on fire
Topic: Go Super Mom, Go!
I am nearly finished with my Christmas shopping! Okay, so Diva, why are you just now doing the shopping for the presents, don't you know it's a mere week till the commencing of the Christmas?

Yes, faithful reader, I do realize this. In years past I have finished my entire shopping quota by the first of November and just pick up stocking stuffers and school gifts closer to the Christmas. But this year we seemed to have purchased a new TRUCK somewhere like oh around November 18th and well, funds have been a tad hard to come by. I managed to talk husband into selling some of his precious Wal-Mart stock, which I know is a poor financial decision, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Of course, I'm hoping soon that that precious Wal-Mart stock will be rolled over into something else, if that's even possible. (*Note: Never give financially unstable and positively ignorant rednecks stock options. They are dangerous with it.)

Yes, Husband has a job interview tomorrow!! I'm crossing my fingers, praying, lighting candles, giving him sex and various other ego-boosting treats, and if I could round up a virgin and a volcano I'd be doing that, too, in hopes that this interview goes so well that by January we will no longer be Wal-Martians. Although, I will miss that hefty 10% discount at the But he really hates working there and frankly, I'm sick of hearing him bitch about it. We shall see.

Tomorrow is another whirlwind day. Oh but first let me tell you about today! I left my house precisely when I had planned to - a major feat when taking 4 children with you. I ran Addison's glasses to her at the school, since we kinda left them here last after she went to sleep and her daddy picked her up late. I dropped Sam at the school, then took Ab to town to get her new glasses and take care of a WIC appointment that I oops, forgot yesterday. Then it was back to school to drop off the girl and back home where I was so productive and organized it frightened me somewhat. I made phone calls, made appointments, contacted people for some Girl Scout things, cleaned off my bar, cleaned off my desk, got everything laid out for the Brownie meeting and had enough time left over to sit down and watch CMT for about 30 minutes. I LOVE accomplishing things! Normally I feel like I'm doing nothing more than treading water and making no progress, but today the planets were in enough of an alignment that I got things DONE.

Then I got my Christmas shopping done.

Tomorrow I have to run back into town in the morning to drop a princess dress at the cleaners. It's been moved from hope chest, to window seat, to KD's bed, to KD's floor and now it's wadded up in KD's closet floor since Halloween. Time to launder that puppy, methinks. Then I have to fill up the van because we have yet another dentist appointment in Tulsa tomorrow afternoon. I think somewhere in there KD and I might possibly find time to eat, although it will probably be in the van. Then we're off to the school to make nothing more than brief appearances at the parties that can't start until 2 and we have to leave town at 2. Fortunately Ab's teacher is letting her exchange her gift just a hair early. Sis is going with me to Tulsa tomorrow to pick up a Christmas present. Bub is picking up Sam from school so he can go to karate and Sis and I are taking the 2, possibly 3, girls with us. After the dentist (I broke Abby's headgear AGAIN, so I'm sure a lecture will ensue) we'll do our shopping then head back home. I'm sure heavy drinking will be a part of my evening once I return home.

Then Saturday is Miss Kady's birthday party and our Glenn Family Christmas. We don't exchange gifts any more, but we adopt a family from the angel tree. When KD's party is over we clear off the kitchen table and the whole fam damily wraps gifts and puts together a food basket. It's seriously awesome family time with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces, nephews, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

THEN finally after the wrapping of the presents and the "grownups" leave (Grammy With the Circle Head is taking all 5 grandchildren, bless her angel soul)

IT'S FESTIVUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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