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The Ramblings of a Redneck Diva
Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Bah FREAKING humbug
Mood:  irritated
Topic: Rambling much

I am sitting out here at my computer in my favorite pair of pj pants, just finishing up a Skippy peanut butter bar (yum), drinking a glass of tea, wishing I would allow myself to smoke in the house and marvelling at how SHITTY my children have acted the last couple of days. Okay, just today. But it seems like more than just today.

Do these kids not know that tomorrow is Christmas Eve Eve??? Man, when I was a kid it was like spectacular, church-kid behavior the weeks before Christmas. I even got along with my sister! Back than that was saying a lot.

But not my children. If Abby rolled her eyes at Sis and me once today, she did it a thousand times. She mumbled under her breath, did her annoying little head shake paired with hateful muttering. She even lied to her YaYa. Sam was wound up BEYOND BELIEF. I swear, it's a wonder his little heart has exploded he's been so hyper lately. And WHINY! Then there's Kady, who cried herself to sleep tonight after throwing such a humdinger of a fit that she caused her daddy to deny her her advent calendar chocolate. Daddy never takes things away from her and it broke her heart. Then she refused to pee before bed and I had to spank her. Then I told her if she would ask her daddy really nice and apologize for yelling and throwing a fit that maybe, just maybe, he'd let her have her chocolate after all. So what does she do but walk up to him and say "Candy." That's it "Candy." I said, "Say 'Daddy, can I have my candy please?'" Now to me, this made perfect sense. But to the stubborn, demon posessed 3 year old, it did not. She folded her arms across her chest and again said "Candy." Her daddy was not amused in the least. I tried coaching her, coaxing her and finally ended up doing the you-have-one-more-chance thing and she used up her last chance by again demanding the freaking candy. I took her by the hand and led her down the hall to her room. When we got to the door she then realized that I was putting her to bed and thus began a limp-legged, head thrown back, arms flailing, full-blown, all-out fit. I calmly (even though I was shaking with anger inside) put her into her bed, kissed her forehead (thereby causing probably irreversible ear drum damage by getting that close to the shrieking) and told her through clenched teeth that if she got out of that bed, she would most definitely get another spanking. I no more tucked in Ab and Sam than that little booger was standing in the hallway shrieking at me. So, I spanked her. Then this time, not so calmly, put her back in her bed and told her that if one spanking wasn't enough that I'd have to make it two if she got up again. THANKfully she stayed in there. Well, except when she snuck out of her room on me and made it all the way into the living room to tell me she had a "Notty nose". Is it wrong that I wasn't all that gentle when I wiped her "notty nose"?

Then to top all that drama off, I had to tell my husband that he did not get the job he interviewed for last week. The job that he was really wanting. The job that was going to rescue him from Wal-Mart.

Happy FREAKING Holidays from the Hoovers

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Thursday, December 23, 2004 - 8:28 AM CST

Name: Courtney

Aren't the holidays just grand! So sorry to hear about Paul's job. Just remember that all things happen for a reason. There may be a better job out there for him. Don't get discouraged. Tom "the Telephone Man" Richard is the head of maintance at Buffalo Run. Maybe he should check into something like that.


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