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Friday, December 24, 2004
You'll shoot your eye out!
Mood:  cool
Topic: All in the family
At 9 tonight, I finally got the nerve to take a shower. I had washed all the dirty pots and pans cluttering up the stovetop, unloaded the dishwasher full of dirty dishes and washed them all by hand and things seeemed to be draining fine. I decided at that point that a shower had to commence soon because as a friend of my mom's used to say: I had the sour-ass. The shower drained fine as well. *shrugs* Go figure. When I came up front after my shower I heard water in the utility room and panic struck. I could just envision frozen pipes busting and spraying not warm, dirty, sudsy water at me this time, but cold, slushy, dirty, sudsy water. The washer was running and nothing was spewing forth. I asked Paul if he had started it up, which was a silly question. Washing machines usually don't just start themselves up and all three kids are too short to hit the button. He said yeah, he'd started it and it seemed to be draining fine. Of course, he was emerged deeply in a game of Shrek on Abby's Gameboy and wasn't paying a whit of attention to the washing machine. Good thing I was, because when it started to drain the second time, sure enough, water came bubbling back up the pipe. Not spraying this time, but still backing up. I was able to shut it off, let it go down the pipe and finish the load. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to attempt a few loads tomorrow, babysitting the stupid thing every time it drains, or if I want to just haul the laundry to my mom's and do it there. Either way, I'm assured a pain in the ass.

Paul brought home that fabulous not $27 DVD player and after reading the directions I decided that per instructions, not the hook it up through the VCR because "video quality may be greatly reduced". Heck, who wants poor video quality? So I pull out the TV, am greeted by a rather friendly family of dust bunnies who all have pet cobwebs, and discover that our TV does not have those spiffy A/V plugger inners on it. And to run it directly through the TV one has to purchase an RF something or other ("available commercially" the book said). Well, upon further inspectigating I find that we actually do have an RF modulator, BUT it's in use by the Nintendo. So I made the executive decision to hook the blasted DVD player up to the bedroom TV and just put up with Kady playing out here constantly. Lo and freaking behold, the TV out here doesn't have A/V plugger inners on it either. So I decided that poor video quality was moot at this point and ran it through the Dish box. Of course, it did not work. I called my dad, the Great and Mighty Oz of All Things Electronic, and even he couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. He handed the phone off to my step-nephew who rambled off something about a $12 adapter and blah blah blah. Or I could just run it through the VCR and it would be fine. SO at that point, running it through the VCR won the nomination. I hooked it up to the living room VCR and it works great. Only the PS2 is hooked up through there as well, using the same plugger inners, so we have to unplug and plug in to switch between the two, but for now it's working. KD spent over and hour in blissful abandon, jellyfishing with Spongebob, playing hide and seek with Dora and Boots and even encountered wild animals with Elmo.

Then at 9:30 all five of us settled in, snug in our fireplace warmed home, in our coziest, comfiest pj's and watched A Christmas Story. I laughed, the kids laughed and it was a good thing. KD crashed around 10:30, falling asleep lying on my chest (Oh but how I love it when they fall asleep in my arms) and Paul put her in bed. Then Sam cuddled in further with me and we finished the movie that way. Ab was curled up in front of the fireplace and not even the lure of cuddling with Momma was going to pull her away from the blowers. I tucked them both in just a hair after 11:30. They said I was cool.

Gosh, Christmas isn't so bad after all.

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Friday, December 24, 2004 - 2:03 PM CST

Name: Monkey
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Nope - Christmas can be down-right fun!
That hook-up stuff can be rough - even for us more technically inclined.
It gets really ugly when you start adding components on top of components - the Gamecube goes through the VCR which goes through the DVD player which then splits off to the TV - that kind of jazz.
Luckily once it all works we can LEAVE IT.
Merry Christmas to you and to yours RD!

Friday, December 24, 2004 - 10:39 PM CST

Name: moos
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Merry Christmas!

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