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Friday, January 7, 2005
What Kady said
Mood:  happy
Topic: Kids & other noisy things
My three year old, despite the fact that she refuses to use the pronoun "I", talks way older than she is. She comes up with things that blow me away sometimes. Reading the story about her calling her daddy "bitch" should've clued you in to this fact.

Yesterday she was sitting in the kitchen floor while I washed dishes, (Yep, still doing it by hand. Bleh) using a new package of napkins as a computer. She was sitting indian-style, her package of napkins in front of her, banging away on that sucker. I guess it had the Bounty2 Processor or something. Well, she banged around on it long enough that the package finally ripped open. I had to take it away from her and gave her a Tupperware container instead. In my opinion, it made a better computer anyway. So after I managed to convince her that plastic really was better than paper, she began typing again. She'd ask me a question and then type away, obviously practicing her dictation skills. She asked me what my favorite color was. I told her blue. She said "Purple?" I said, "No, blue." "Purple?" "Blue." "Purple?" "Yes Kady, purple." "Okay, Momma." Finally the questions stopped, but she continued talking to herself. Asking questions and answering them, which is kind of concerning, but I think it's okay. She is three after all. So then I hear her say:

"Me don't like it when the ballerinas lift me over their heads. Me crazy like that."

I slowly turned around to look at her. She just grinned up at me with the most adorable look on her face. Then suddenly, as if someone flipped a switch, she jumped up, kicked her Tupperware computer across the floor and said, "Music! Me need music! Me. Must. Dance!"

She's crazy like that.

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