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Friday, January 7, 2005
Betcha can't guess
Mood:  not sure
Topic: All in the family
You will never guess what I spent the evening doing. Guarantee it. You really won't guess it right. So I'm just gonna tell ya.

First of all, I visited this website. Then after thoroughly creeping myself out, my sister visited the website. (You have to click on the link, dudes. You won't get the post as well if you don't.) Then after we listened to the clips, we grabbed Kady's tape recorder and shut ourselves in my bedroom.

Yes, we tried to hear the dead speaking in my youngest daughter's Fisher Price tape player. This is what happens when you are a stay at home mom and it's winter and you have a hormonal imbalance, combined with OCD and SAD. You resort to crazy, insane, paranormal forms of entertainment. And you take your sister on the ride with you, providing you're both tall enough, don't have high blood pressure or heart conditions and you will keep arms and legs inside the car at all times.

Our first attempt was the best one as far as comic content. We both stood on either side of the bed. I held the microphone and hit Record. As the website suggested, I let it record silence first. She motioned at me to talk. I motioned at her to talk. We covered our mouths and stifled giggles. When I regained composure I asked "Is anyone there?" More silence recorded. Then "What is your name?" Then the giggles took over and I asked, "Are you a good witch? Or a bad witch?" in the falsetto Good Witch of the North voice. We exploded into a rather loud case of nervous laughter. Needless to say, we heard nothing but our giggles and quiet snorts through that try when we played it back. The next one, we managed to keep quiet and un-giggly, but we kept getting the sounds of The Outdoor Channel from the living room TV because have I mentioned that that is ALL THE MAN WATCHES THESE DAYS? I asked him to turn it down, but we still weren't satisfied with what we weren't hearing. So then we went into the back bathroom, turned on the water and recorded some more. First I said "Hello?" Silence. "What is your name?" Then I nearly threw my sister into a stroke when I asked "Can you see us?" Her eyes got huge and she shook her head, almost like "Take that back!" I think we picked up something on that last one, but I haven't had the chance to sit down with it again and listen to it through headphones.

It was creepy and rather nerve-wracking at first. But we prayed before we started, as the website also suggested. We prayed that God would keep any bad dead dudes from getting to us. Then we giggled. Then I prayed again, more solemnly. Then we giggled. Finally, I bit the insides of my cheeks, seriously asked God to protect us and Heather said that maybe the reason we didn't hear anything is because God really was keeping the bad dead dudes away. *shrugs* Or maybe it's all a crock of crap. The EVP's, not God. Either way it was good for nearly 3 hours of entertainment, what with reading the website, listening to their samples and then checking out the ghost sites for Oklahoma ghost hunters/paranormal hunters and did you know that supposedly we have Bigfoots, erm... Bigfeet... uhhhh ....supposedly people in Oklahoma have seen large, hair-covered, big footed creatures? Now whether it's actually THE Bigfoot, a distant cousin or possibly a whole herd of Bigfooted hairy critters, I don't know. But it was kinda cool reading about them regardless.

The whole evening pissed Paul off to no end. For one thing, paranormal stuff is, to him, a bunch of hogwash, poppycock and plain ol' bullshit. Plus, he came home in a bad mood yet again. PLUS I told him when he left for work this morning that I'd make chili for dinner, but Sis brought dinner when she brought the boys back from karate and I didn't make chili. Oops. My bad. So bad. I'm sleeping on the couch tonight. In fact, I've kind of avoided him altogether since Sis left. If he catches me and starts ranting he's going to give me a talkin' to, I can feel it. He was friendly while she was here, a witness is what she was, but now that she's gone I'm just stayin' away from him and letting him watch The Outdoor Channel as loud as he wants. Even though, after listening to EVP's all night, I'm a bit skittish when I hear a duck call and gun shots emitting from the living room. I've nearly jumped out of my chair twice already.

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Sunday, January 9, 2005 - 4:09 PM CST

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Long, long time ago - I was in our basement with my brothers & a few cousins. I was the oldest, so I was "in charge" - Ha! Anyhow, we were sitting on the floor with a ouija board by candlelight. Can't remember who the heck I was calling, but the candle kept hissing & spitting. Then it went out. Everyone was flying up the stairs in the dark screaming. Since I was the last one up & "in charge", I was the one who got in trouble. For scaring the heck out of everyone. But I didn't do anything...

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