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The Ramblings of a Redneck Diva
Monday, January 17, 2005
I'm not an elf. I don't live in a tree. But I made cookies!
Mood:  energetic
Topic: Rambling much
I made no-bake cookies first. Then moved on to oatmeal raisin using my Memaw's recipe. I have part of the batter for chocolate chip cookies in a mixing bowl, except for the flour. I'm out of flour. See what all that baking will do? It'll run ya outta flour, dadgummit! I know I have a bag in one of the freezers, but there's so much other stuff piled on top that I can't get to it. It's a two-person job and I'm waiting for Paul to get back so I can finish the baking. I made (or was going to make) the chocolate chip ones for the kids since they won't touch the other two kinds. That's okay - Paul will eat all the no-bakes and I will eat the oatmeal raisins. Man, when I took the first bite of a warm, fresh outta the oven oatmeal raisin cookie I was magically transported back to my Papa and Memaw's kitchen on the farm! Honestly, it was such a strong feeling of nostalgia! Memaw made the best oatmeal raisin cookies and it was even better to get them out of her puppy in a basket cookie jar. Heather has that cookie jar now and says it still smells like oatmeal raisin cookies. Memaw's been gone for nearly 12 years now and it was many years before that the last time she made cookies. When these cookies are gone I may have to go down and sniff the cookie jar...

Paul's out running errands for me today. He really only intended on going to pick up some money he was owed from that remodelling job (so that he can buy my birthday present!!!) and to pick up his drill from Husband #2, but when he said he was going to town I was like "Cool! You can pay the loan payment, drop off the water bill, pick up the rent check from GG and make a deposit at the bank!" I know he was just wishing he'd slipped out the door without telling me. As he was leaving he said
He: (sullenly) Well, I guess I'll go. I'll be back some time around Easter now...
Me: Hey, I appreciate you being my errand bitch today, you know that!
He: Yeah...whatever.
Me: Well at least you aren't dragging two preschoolers around with you! Hmmm...hey you wanna-
He: (slams door)

Tonight's Ladies' Night once again! Did I mention my theory on winning for this week's $500 drawing? Okay, if I did sorry, just skip this part. If I didn't, here ya go, it's really good. A few weeks ago Mom's friend, Angie, won the $500. It was the Monday before her birthday. This is the Monday before my birthday. I am SO going to win tonight! AND next Monday is the Monday before Mom's birthday! Now, yes, I realize that the chances of this actually happening are pretty slim to none, but a girl can dream. Let me dream, dammit! Don't. Take. Away. The. Dreams.

I also have a Girl Scout Service Unit meeting tonight. I'm making Heather go with me. I still don't know these ladies that well. I know, I'm a wuss. She's a co-leader, so it's not like I'm just dragging her because I'm that wimpy. She really has a reason to be there as well.

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