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Thursday, January 20, 2005
If I were a beagle
Mood:  down
Topic: Things in life that suck
It's exactly 3:30. I'm giving myself until 4 to complete this post and then I must shower. If I tried to go to the visitation tonight in my pajamas with my hair all freaky wild like it is right now they might either mistake me for one of the bodies in the back of the funeral home, all walkin' dead and whathaveya or they might just tsk tsk and say "Hmh. We knew it was just a matter of time before she went completely insane." So I'm going to shower just to save the confusion.

My husband laid his stinkin' lazy arse in bed till 11:45 this morning. Yes, that is a mere 15 minutes until noon. He's been able to sleep lately, allllllll through the night and I haven't, but funny how he was the one who slept 12 hours in a row. Jerk. I asked him to get up with the kids at 7:30 this morning and to let me sleep a little longer. He said he'd get up "in a minute" yet after 10 minutes of the kids asking me every 30 seconds for food, I gave up waiting and got up. So after I fed the kids lunch I said, "I'm going to take a nap, k? Can you handle watching them?" He jumped down my throat in a not unlike Napoleon Dynamite fashion and said "Gaw! Just GO to BED, willya?" Dude, I SO went.

My nose and feet have been cold all day and if I were a hound, I'm sure that would be a good thing. However, I found it to be rather miserable. I crawled into that bed, pulled up the flannel sheet, thermal blanket and the comforter, drew my legs up under my chin (Yes, I'm fat but I'm still limber, ha!) and closed my eyes, waiting for the blissful slumber to arrive.

It didn't.

The house was too quiet. Now, had I been lying on the couch with the kids, watching a movie, I'd have been out colder'n a wedge in about 2.4 seconds, but noooooo, I was cozy in my bed in the silence. Not sleeping. I squeezed my eyes shut and did my total body relaxation thing that I've done since high school. I start with the toes (that were so cold they were numb) and relax them, then the feet and move up my body, relaxing everything completely. Usually I'm asleep by the time I reach the knees, that's how well it works. It worked again today and I fell asleep.

For 10 minutes.

I woke up because my nose was cold.

I have a phobia about re-breathing air. My own or someone else's, doesn't matter. I can't breathe warm, already breathed air. FREAKS me out. So I pulled the covers up to nose, then tented the comforter over my head. It kept my face warm, but still allowed for circulation of air. Not the freshest air and it wasn't ideal, but dammit I was frustrated and tired of my nose being cold.

I finally drifted off when the kids came in from outside and put in a movie. It was the quiet noise I needed. They no more started playing the theme song to Arthur and I was OUT. I slept about 30 minutes then Paul started sending children back, one at a time, to ask me questions. I told them I'd be getting up soon. I was finally warm all over and hated to get up, even if I wasn't sleeping. Then he came back there and asked "Are you gonna sleep all day?"

Oh I wish.

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