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Thursday, January 20, 2005
What it means to be family
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Topic: All in the family
Tonight was the visitation for Uncle Homer. God bless my Papa, he took it hard. So did Aunt Erma, which could only be expected. They said she hadn't cried until today. I can only imagine the shock.

Most of our family is still around here, but some have branched out. Although, why they would want to do that I'll never know. This is Glenn Country, I'm tellin' ya. Our cousin, Stacy, we hadn't seen since Granny Glenn passed 8 years ago. I hadn't seen a couple of the other cousins since they were literally in diapers. It was so funny to be introduced to family members. I dunno.

Our family is well known and well liked around here. I'm not bragging. There was a pretty big crowd there tonight. Lots of people who may not have known Uncle Homer came for the family members they did know. That means the world to me. To take time out of your busy life to stop by and comfort a friend who's sad and hurting. When the crowd finally thinned a bit, we made our way back up to where the rest of the family was standing. We had gone back to a back pew while visitors poured through. It ended up with Sis, Mom, Cousin Keith (of Festivus underwear fame), his adorable and quiet wife Alyssa, our cousin Kimby, our cousin from North Carolina Stacy and me all kind of standing in a circle talking. Telling stories about Uncle Homer and Papa. Stacy told us all about her and her dad getting into a batch of flea-infested hay in Papa's barn. We laughed at the story about Heather getting flogged by the mean rooster up at the farm and me running so fast I made it to the house long before the injured one got there, screaming my lungs out. We talked about going to the Capitol with Papa and Uncle Homer and Papa making the cemi truck honk at Heather. It was a wonderful time of reminiscing with family.

Papa walked up to the circle about the time we were telling about the round barn in Arcadia that he and Uncle Homer insisted we visit back in September. Papa said to Keith, "Hey, you ever seen that round barn?" Keith, always on his toes, said "Yeah, I wanna try to get in the corner." I thought Papa was going to rupture something. He literally had to sit down in a pew he was laughing so hard. His face turned red and one of the cousins who hadn't heard the conversation, rushed to Papa and asked what was wrong. We all started laughing harder then. It was one of those "you had to be there" moments, but trust me it was a riot.

We are family. We may not talk every week to all of them and we may not get together at every holiday, but we are family nonetheless. It's when times are rough and sad that family means even more. We love each other and would go to battle for each other in the blink of an eye. Some of us are close and I cherish those relationships so much. Some of us aren't, but I guarantee you the family bond is still there.

When the funeral home people finally got tired of us being there and ever so politely prayed with us in an attempt to get us to leave, a few of us walked over to the restaraunt on the adjacent property. Cousin Keith, Alyssa, Mom, Uncle David, Paul, Ab, Sis and me all ate chicken and continued the reminiscing and laughing. At one point Keith gave me a sidelong glance, after just having said something a little on the risque side and goes, "Ooh I better be careful what I say - you'll blog it, I'm sure. I'm going to end up on the blog, aren't I?"

Yes, Keith, you ended up in the blog. Love ya, cuz!

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Friday, January 21, 2005 - 6:45 PM CST

Name: moos
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If I could be there I'd give you a big birthday hug little sister...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005 - 8:55 PM CST

Name: Diva

I know you would've - and that means the world to me.

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