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The Ramblings of a Redneck Diva
Thursday, January 27, 2005
"I like your sleeves."
Mood:  silly
Topic: Rambling much
My gosh, Napoleon Dynamite gets better every time I watch it. Heather thought I was a stark raving lunatic and stared blankly at the screen and me, I'm sure wondering how the hell our parents' DNA could produce two such incredibly different people. At first I thought maybe she didn't like it, but then remembered how Paul sat there totally unimpressed through the first 30 minutes or so. I think it takes that long to get into it the first time. After she finally opened her mind and allowed herself to enjoy, she was laughing right along with me. Of course, not as hard as I was laughing, but she's only seen it once. When you've seen it as many times as I have, you start laughing at the beginning and it doesn't stop till the last game of tether ball ends. *sigh*

Tonight was Brownies. What a wonderful group of girls I have!!! What a wonderful sister I have! She got a little white cake AND a carrot cake (since I don't like white cake and icing) for me, brought it to the Brownie meeting along with 3 brand new gnomes!! One is my biggest gnome yet. The other two are actually two of my smallest gnomes. Hmh. Hadn't thought of that until now. Anyway, the girls thought it was cool that Miss Heather surprised me with all that and they sang Happy Birthday and we all ate cake. Then they made "Food People" by gluing pictures of food onto construction paper and making people out of them. Like banana arms, broccoli ears, apple eyes, etc. They dug it even if it does sound dorky. Hey, it was for a badge.

Sis brought a pot of beans down and I made cornbread. We watched Napoleon Dynamite and ate beans. It's cold outside, we were snug in my incredibly hot house by a roaring fire, all five kids were playing well (For the most part. The only fights were when my two oldest children called their youngest sister or cousins "morons" or "idiots". Public school is great.)and all was right with the world. Such simplicity, yet such a wonderful evening. It honestly doesn't get much better. Well, I could be rich and skinny...

So yeah, it probably won't get any better. And I'm okay with that.

Here's something wonderful: We are under a "Winter Weather Advisory" tonight!! Gary Bandy, the meteorologist at KSN, assures us that we are getting some kind of precipitation tonight and that quite possibly we could get as much as two whole inches of snow!!! TWO WHOLE INCHES, PEOPLE! Of course, I have become accustomed to ignoring a forecast of snow because it never happens, and didn't go to the store today. That pretty much guarantees we'll get snow.


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