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Sunday, February 13, 2005
Today's the day
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Topic: Go Super Mom, Go! I am going to WM to officially put in my application for employment. Here's the funny thing - the manager over the automotive department, which I will soon be working in, already has me on the schedule. I'm thinking this is what some people call "a sure thing".

Paul came home the other night after work and every night, without fail I ask him "How was your day?" And every day, without fail his answer is "Sucked." But that particular night after he said "sucked" he said, "Know of anyone who needs a job? We gotta hire a bunch of people and SOON." I said, "Uh HELLO. Your WIFE. I need a job, dipshit!" He said, "Gimme the phone, I'll call m'boss." He called her and asked if she would be hiring for the counter and she asked, "Who do you have for me?" He said, "My wife" and she said, "I want her." Ah, it's good to be loved. Or at least needed.

So several more phone calls and conversations between the manager and us, we got it lined out. I will work Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and still continue to watch Chandler Monday - Thursday like I do now. Paul's days off are Monday/Tuesday now, but she said she'd try to get him Sunday/Monday off in the near future, as soon as they get fully staffed again. So Heather has already agreed to keep Kady for me on Fridays and get the kids from school. Saturdays Paul works 7-3 and I work 3-9. I'll take the kids to town with me and pass them off to their father when my shift starts. Sundays Paul is scheduled 8-4 and I'm scheduled 4-9. Again, we shuffle children between the two of us, between shifts. I talked to Mom last night and she said that there would be times she could pick up some slack, too. I think it's going to work out, it may just take some getting used to.

The kids aren't all that excited about their momma working. In fact, they're all pretty much against it. Abby's having the most trouble comprehending it, bless her heart. But I think Kady's going to have the most trouble adjusting. Frankly, I'm having a hard time comprehending and adjusting to it as well.

Plus, now I'm faced with another quandry - I guess I have to quit right now talking about my job because of that whole dooce thing. Damn. Unless of course, I come up with silly names for the place I'm employed and my co-workers. But then I'll have to go back through here and rewrite everything I've ever written about Wal-Mart - I mean, the Mega Store That Monopolizes and Puts Small Businesses Under. Hmm... too harsh, me thinks. about The Store. And the department we work in is the Shoelace Department. How's that sound? Think we can all keep that straight?

Holy fucking shit, I'm going to get a job.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005 - 8:47 PM CST

Name: okddaylittlec

I hope that rejoining the workforce is very rewarding for you. I think that you should call the place you work K-Mart. That way if you say anything bad they can't get mad. I mean, you'll just be bashing the competitor, right? Congratulations!

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