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Thursday, February 17, 2005
The Oreo Story - per Magnet Lady's request
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Complete utter nonsense
Okay, so this morning on her blog, Magnet Lady - aka, my friend Christy - asked that I share the Oreo Story.

Disclaimer: If you choose to go forward and read this incredibly disgusting story, Redneck Diva Corp. Inc. Manuf. LLC, will not be held responsible for any subsquent gagging, wretching or groans of displeasure that emit from you.

This rather large woman was going to have surgery. Okay, "rather large" doesn't properly describe her - she was morbidly obese. What she was having surgery for, I have no clue, because as all good urban legends go you can't have all the information, lol. They get her on the table, put her under anesthetic and begin prepping her for the surgery. They drape her and begin cleaning her stomach with Betadyne. Well, being the large woman she was, she had quite a few folds, bends and flat-out crevices, canyons, etc. They had to lift the aforementioned folds and clean under, in and around them. While spilunking one particular fat-roll they found a rather large abcess. It was pointed out to the doctor and he said that they should lance it. So they do. And what they find as the cause of her abcess is

and Oreo cookie.

There ya go, Magnet Lady. If I get hate-mail from this I am going to make YOU give ME a pedicure at your spa party! :)

The Diva has spoken at 9:12 AM CST

Thursday, February 17, 2005 - 11:23 AM CST

Name: J
Home Page:

EWWWW! Oh, yick, that is really gross, but funny at the same time.

No hate mail here. (But, you can say it is, cause every diva needs a pedicure!)

Thursday, February 17, 2005 - 3:29 PM CST

Name: moos
Home Page:

Sheesh - if you enjoy this sort of urban legend - please check out:

Thursday, February 17, 2005 - 6:05 PM CST

Name: okddaylittlec
Home Page:

OH MY GOSH! That lady was a friend of my friend's uncle's wife! It's totally true!

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