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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Movie Tag
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Topic: About me
Little C - aka, Cousin Courtney - tagged me with this surprising little jewel this morning. You're right, Courtney, I was shocked!

What's the total number of movies in you collection?
Approxmately 170, give or take a few. Keep in mind that only about 25 of those are grownup movies. The rest are a variety of Disney, Blue Clue's, Little Bear and Veggie Tales. So do those count as actual movies? Hmm... maybe I'm confusing videos with actual movies. But I am not going to go through and check to see which ones are actual movies, sorry. :) I think I'm overcomplicating this, eh?

What's the last movie you watched before reading this message?
Napoleon Dynamite, GAW!

Name 5 movies that you watch often, or that mean something to you
1. Napoleon Dynamite (Sam said last night, "Mom, I called you a delicious bass." I said, "Caught son. In the movie he says "caught". He grinned and said, "I know, but I just called you a delicious bass. BWAH HAHAHAHAA!")
2. Sixteen Candles (Wha's happ'nin' hoht stuff?)
3. Penny Serenade (Guaranteed tear duct cleansing)
4. Save the Last Dance (Just a good movie, dadgummit)
5. Annie (Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I saw Annie for the first time in the Coleman Theatre, I, too was mesmerized when they played it on TV once a year, Courtney. Ab got the DVD for her birthday so now we have access to Annie 24/7!)

What are your 3 top favorite movies from the 80's?
1. Sixteen Candles
2. Pretty in Pink
3. The Breakfast Club (I SO wanted to be a member of the Brat Pack! Molly Ringwald was my IDOL!)
4. I can't leave out Dirty Dancing! I watched it 13 times the first month it came out. Yeah, pitiful I know.

What's the first movie you bought?
Aladdin. When Paul and I were first married I watched it over and over and over. The two of us watched it nearly every day. He could quote it as much as I could. He refuses to watch it with the kids anymore, lol.

What's the first DVD you bought?
Finding Nemo

The Diva has spoken at 9:41 AM CST

Thursday, February 17, 2005 - 11:26 AM CST

Name: J
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So weird!

Your top 3 movies are the same as mine! (even the fourth, cause I love me some Dirty Dancing, I still watch it as much as possible. HAh.)

I am going to make The Man watch Napolean Dynamite with me tonight. I have so many funny things about this movie.

Thursday, February 17, 2005 - 11:40 PM CST

Name: Babs
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Red, I have to tell you - the kids had so many movies they wouldn't fit properly on the shelf. Last week the kids were trying to organize them (rare occasion) and became frustrated. At this point I told them it was time to get rid of the old ones that they didn't watch, so the new movies received at Christmas could fit on the shelf . . . and would you believe I actually got to get rid of Blues Clues!?! YAY, happy day.

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