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Friday, June 11, 2004
I'm not even sure if anyone is keeping up with my blog or not, but just in case you are and you are an avid trivia buff, could you answer a couple of questions for me?

When a US president passes away and they have the parade with the casket on the horse-drawn carriage, they also have the riderless horse walking behind. I know the symbolism of the riderless horse, but why are the boots in the stirrups backwards?

Why do they do a 21-gun salute???

(I'm sure I could find these on the 'net if I wanted to, but I thought this would be a sneaky-clever way to see if anyone's paying attention. Heehee!)

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Broken arms and sunburns
Topic: Kids & other noisy things
Today is supposed to be our hottest day so far and we are completely prepared, well, except for the lack of air-conditioning. lol

The kids were up at the blessed crack of dawn, even after no naps yesterday and staying up till after 10. Those precious babies! Thankfully they played for about an hour without incident while I kind of dozed. The bedroom was cool and I knew it was going to be pretty much the only time today that I wouldn't be miserable and sweaty, so I was bound and determined to take full advantage of it. I finally got up when the fighting and fussing began. All 6 of us now have on our swimsuits and are patiently awaiting the movement of the sun into the front yard. I sent them all out to play sidewalk chalk on the shaded carport/driveway slab while we wait. Otherwise they'd be in here bugging me every 5 minutes. Oh wait, they're still doing that. I figure we've got about another hour before the yard's good and sunny. Then it'll take me 20 minutes to slather all 5 of them down with 30 spf. They'll have over an hour and a half to slip, slide and see who can break which bone first. Kind of stinks not having a pool this year, but they really seem to like the slip n slide just fine. Plus with a slip n slide I don't feel so obligated to actually participate like I would in a pool. I can sit in my lounger and let my perilously white body attract freckles. Heaven forbid it attract a tan, lol. Kind of stinks sometimes being Irish... Oh I have Cherokee in me, but obviously the hearty Irish genes dominate. *sigh* Sam's last T-ball game is tonight. Gonna be a miserable hot one and yes I'm being pessimistic. No sense trying to avoid the truth. The actual temp is only supposed to be 89 today, but with the 3000% humidity it makes the heat index somewhere close to oh...3 degrees cooler than HELL. Okay, a slight exaggeration on my part, but still 105-110 is pretty durn hot, right?

Well, the kids got curiously quiet, so that means they've either found a bug to torture, a tick on the dog and they're daring each other to pull it off or Abby's showing them how to climb this poor pitiful excuse for a tree in the side yard. Any of the three oughta be fun to observe for awhile regardless.

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Thursday, June 10, 2004
Rainy day Thursday
Topic: Kids & other noisy things
Well, the slumber party last night was a roaring success. Imagine, if you will, 4 little girls ages 7 1/2, 6, almost 6 and 2 1/2. Well, and of course, add in Grammy, Aunt Kiki (that's me, btw) and the ultimate in slumber party moms, my sister. We ate pizza, watched her open her presents, ate some cake (Mine was minus icing, I can't hack that stuff) then broke out Uncle Bub's laptop for over an hour filled with the Cha-cha Slide, the Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance. Again, bring out the imagination and picture 7 white girls dancing. Go ahead, take a break while you laugh, the rest of the blog will keep. Well, anyway we danced till the humidity got the best of us and we took a break. The girls played and Mom, Sis and I lounged on the couches, watching the people file through the Rotunda paying respect to President Reagan, a little bit of CMT, some TLC and who knows what else. We all 3 got inspired by Clean Sweep and we're going to "sweep" our own houses this summer. We said. I hope we actually follow through, but we shall see. The girls then did a little craft - didn't I tell you my sister was on the ball? Then 4 little sets of baby teeth (and a few permanent ones) were brushed and we sent them to bed. Those little maniacs FINALLY fell asleep around 12:30!! By that time a full-fledged toad strangler had settled upon us and we all started getting drowsy listening to the rain and a really boring documentary on Bette Midler. Those two things in large doses could be coma-inducing. Mom headed home so she could sleep in her own bed, Sis and I crashed and 8 am came entirely too soon. Rest assured, though, that all 4 little girls were bouncing right up and at 'em! Sis and I took a little longer to get moving.

It's now 3:30 pm and I'm still in my slumber party clothes from last night. How lazy am I?? Actually I'm not lazy, I've accomplished a lot today, showering and getting ready were just not two of those things! I've got my 3 kids, Sis' 2 kids and one of Mom's friend's granddaughters. I've only had to mediate 2 arguments and they were pretty mild. I love having a house full of kids because they all play so well and keep each other occupied. They roam up front occasionally for a glass of juice and maybe a snack then they're back off to play again. Last time I checked they were playing "family", which is what we called "playing house" when I was a kid. Why the name changed I'll never know. We're supposed to have softball practice tonight, but I'm seriously doubting we do. Those practice fields would be treacherous! We need the practice, definitely, but not at the expensive of broken limbs. We'll see what everyone decides. Will I go if they do have it? Hmmm...doubtful. I'd have to tether and leash the 5 kids to keep them from running out into traffic or getting smacked with a softball. Yeah, I'm thinking we just stay home and watch a Disney movie or something. Heyyyy, none of them have had a nap...I bet I can wear them out this afternoon and have them all in bed by, say, 7:30, 8....yeah, this day is looking better and better!

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Updated: Monday, December 6, 2004 3:23 PM CST
Wednesday, June 9, 2004
Happy Birthday, Addison!
Today is my niece's 6th birthday!! Slumber party tonight! Whoo hoo... yeah, whoo hoo.

I'll write more after awhile. I just typed half of a novel and somehow my clumsy rogue fingers did some tango combination and deleted EVERYTHING I had written except for a single solitary "N". AGH!!!

After I pout for awhile, I'll write again. Nothing like seeing the Diva pout... :-P

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Tuesday, June 8, 2004
It's Tuesday and I'm insane....what's new with you?
Topic: Rambling much
Ever have one of those days where you get this nagging thought in the back of your head that you have finally fallen off the deep end and are officially crazy? For some reason today is one of those days for me. It's not been a bad day, per se, I just feel borderline insane. WalMart does that to me, lol.

I love to people watch and I think that quirky hobby alone keeps me from going stark raving mad in the middle of the detergent aisle at the local super center. Where else can you see toothless rednecks with a herd of children trailing along behind and hanging off the cart (oops, better watch what I'm saying, I'm that sentence minus the "toothless" part!), men who are fed up with the shopping experience in general and are moping along behind their wife's cart and sighing every minute or so, the elderly couple trying to decide if DelMonte green beans are cheaper than Green Giant, harried working moms trying to get groceries on their lunch hour and wondering if they can fit all of the refrigerator items in the mini-fridge at the office, helpless dads shopping alone with the kids and thanking the Lord for their wife and thinking, "HOW IN THE WORLD DOES THAT WOMAN DO THIS EVERY WEEK??"... I mean, I could go on, but you are totally nodding your head going "Yep" to them all, aren't you? People watching is what keeps me sane. And when you think about it, someone may have people-watched you today and you kept them from going stark raving mad. How's that make you feel?

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Monday, June 7, 2004
First entry
Topic: Kids & other noisy things
Ahh...I've wanted to blog for so long, but thought that my complete lack of knowledge of HTML would forever keep me from doing so. Along came Tripod with a HTML-free blog wizard for wanna-be computer geeks like myself. YAY!!!!

Gosh, I have so much to write and honestly have no clue where to begin tonight. It's nearly 11pm and I have to get up early in the morning, so I doubt I get into anything real heavy tonight.

The kids and I went to my niece and nephew's t-ball game tonight, which is a hoot and a half anyway. I love watching those little kids just all-out tackle the ball and pick flowers in the outfield! My niece, Addison, plays 3rd base. Er, well, Addison creates some incredible dirt castles around 3rd base. And when she runs she does her level best to create a dust storm that would rival something out of the Grapes of Wrath by scooting every step through that Oklahoma red dirt. Now, Gentry, my nephew, absolutely gave us the highlight of the game when he got to 3rd base and started doing the "peepee dance". We saw it, started giggling, hoping he'd be able to at least make it in to home. Then we heard him yelling, "DADDY!! I gotta go peeeeeeeee!" As they say: The crowd went wild.

Well, I will close now, leaving you chuckling at Gentry's bathroom/t-ball escapade. The kids and I are doing our bi-monthly trip to the donut shop in the morning. I do housecleaning every other Tuesday and on those days we go early to the donut shop. Who knew buying my 3 kids deep-fried pastries at 7 am twice a month would be a memory-maker? Or at least I hope it's one of those things that they remember forever and always go, "Remember the summer that Mom took us to the donut shop on Tuesdays?" As excited as they get about it now I'm sure it'll stick with them.

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Updated: Monday, December 6, 2004 3:20 PM CST

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